A Total Eclipse

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Posted by Vodo Bonias on Year 5 Day 159

Onboard the Super Star Destroyer Sovereign at galactic position (95, -96).

~Your regularly scheduled programming is interrupted by the image of the Imperial Seal~

~A moment later, the Imperial Seal is replaced by live video footage of the planet Coruscant. Very large formations of Imperial ships are seen in a defensive formation over the planets surface. The video stream switches to the Imperial palace where there is a large gathering of Imperial High Command members and senior members of their staff. The large announcement podium has been replaced with a very large holo-screen, where those in attendance and those watching throughout the galaxy can observe the press briefing called by the Imperial Security Council~

~An imperial officer approaches the platform and raises his arms to bring those in attendance to order. Once the stirring and whispering of those in attendance subsides, an image appears on the holo-screen above the podium. You recognize a younger image of the Venerable Dark Side Master of the Sith, Master Vodo Bonias~

~Master Vodo begins to speak in his ever familiar tone. His words are throaty and raspy, while his eyes are sharp and his facial expressions tight~

Yes, citizen of the Dark Side. I have taken for myself another clone. My flesh had become rotten and I have found that those in the galaxy had abhorred my retched form. They would turn away from me in disgust, fearful as to whether my physical condition of rotting flesh was in some way contagious. How little your minds are!

~Master Vodo coughs several times, bellowing forward as if he were about to lose his balance~

But do not fear, my friends. For I do not come before you today to speak of such horrid things. I come before you today to speak of a very important change within the Empire. A change that will not only affect the core worlds, but will challenge the very fabric of the galaxy!!

~Master Vodo