A difference in opinions

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Posted by: Davvyk Lysander - Faction: Rebel Alliance
Date: Year 0 Day 1 Onboard the Mon Calamari MC-80b ANSFLG Avenging Star in system Republica.

Standing before you, in full dress of an Admiral in the Rebel Alliance.

"I have sat in silence and watched the events that have unfolded. I am the Governor of the Alliance System [[Republica (System)|Republica00, but today I speak to you as a concerned member of the Galactic Community. I believe the the innocent people of the Galaxy need a shining light to be their beacon. They need a shimmer of Hope to guide them and give them the strength to continue under the tyrrany of the Galactic Empire. That vistiel of Light was the ideal of the Order of the JEDI." Walking from behind his command desk.

"With this said, I do not condone the actions of Felix Darque, he has damaged the reputation of all Jedi. I consider him a friend, yet I find it hard to fathom his reasoning. Felix, I send this message to you. Return the Credits, show good faith. Show the people of the Galaxy that they Jedi stand for more then their own beliefs. You must stand for the justice of all, this I understand. But if justice for all means you yourself must remiss your transgressions have you have now also committed a crime. I do not condemn you. The Jedi way, the Jedi meaning is more then you. Its more then Nero or the Jedi Praxeum. You may look at me and say what do I know of the Jedi. I can tell you the only thing that kept me going during the Great Plight of my people and the purge of Falleen so many years ago was the knowledge of the Jedi and that they would fight the Sith and the GE and bring order back to the Galaxy. By stealing those credits you have set those goals back. You have contributed to the same blatant disrespect among members of the galaxy that runs rampant today. Again Felix old friend i have tried private channels, I implore you to reconsider you actions."

Turning to the display screen which shows a massing RA Ships. " This message is for the Galactic Empire. You are mistaken if you believe the Rebel Alliance will stand by while you massacre the people of Tatooine. Justice in this will soon be made."