A jewel amongst the junk

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Posted by Chiss Veers on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the Sentinel Shuttle [TS]Runner at galactic position (42, 18).

A short whille ago Lord Peon Chiss Veers of the Tenloss Syndicate was contacted by the CEO of Endeavor Corporation, Rune Tao. Mr Tao whille doing regular scans searching for salvage for the Tenloss Syndicate found something of interest.

By a fluke of circumstances Mr Tau stumbled onto a long forgoten remains of a space battle, and acording to the data gathered we of Tenloss Syndicate and with the help of Endeavor Corporation have found out that this space of rich salvage was once a battle field between the Imperial Core and the Galactic Empire in the early days of the split off.

Due to the sensative nature and the interests of Tenloss Syndicate for the rich resources, we of Tenloss Syndicate have decided to keep the location of this rare find to ourselfs.

For the curious citizens of the galaxy we issued this one holo image of a small part from the wreckage taken by one of the Tenloss salvage crew when they entered the system.