A message from your friendly neighbourhood twi'lek

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Posted by Tala Slatak on Year 5 Day 203

Onboard the YT-2000 Neverwinter in system Orto.

Your monitors fade to black from whatever it was you were watching. The purple insignia of the Order of Krath slowly fades in, then fades out to black just as slowly, and, just as slowly the black void on your monitor fades to reveal the red twi'lek known as Tala Slatak.

Without so much as an apology for interupting your viewing she starts her monologue.

"Ladies, and Gentleman of the Galaxy, and especially those within the Galactic Empire, I bring you a message from one Aurron Fantasian. Well," She smiles. "Not exactly from him... but from me, and my colleagues." The female looks to her left, and mouths something inaudible. Within seconds a human female, blonde, very pretty, comes into the camera shot holding a small box. Tala takes the box from the female, mouths what looks like "thanks," and turns back to the camera.

"Here is our message." She turns the box on it's end and something falls to the floor with a wet thudd.

The camera pans down to reveal a head devoid of it's body. The face is one of horror, and pain, devoid of colour. The whites of it's eyes glare out at the camera, mouth wide open.

The camera's lens remains locked on the lifeless head.

After a couple more minutes, the lens pans back up to Tala's face, now wearing a hard, expression.

"Let this be an example to all those willing to try and defy us. We do not take kindly to traitors, spies or plants; and, anybody within the Empire willing to try a stunt like this again will meet the same end!"

The camera pans back down to the head, where it stays for more than a few minutes, before fading back out.