A moment of silence

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Posted by Joseph Roscha on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the L-500 Space Liner Oasis at galactic position (-103, -150).

The GNS has a special news bulletin from Sun Communications. You see a pure white logo of the infamous Black Sun insignia which quickly dissolves to a just a black screen. A single spotlight flares on. A deep purple clad being is seen sitting in a chair before you. His head turned towards the floor, wide-brimmed hat hiding his face, posture relaxed, and his trenchcoat hanging loosely from the chair. The being slowly raised his head to stare at his audience through the camera. The hat revealed a Bothan male, in his prime, providing the galaxy with an unforgettable toothy grin.

"Dear citizens of the galaxy. It has been quite a few fortnights since I have had the pleasure to address you. Recent events that have arisen beckoned me into the privacy of your homes tonight. I beg your pardon for it, I will not stay long," Joseph said politely keeping his smile glued to his face.

Joseph clears his throat and his smile slowly fades from a courteous smile to a straight face before he continues, "The Empire has seized my charge out from under me, the system of Tatooine is under the oppression of the Empire's mighty military. I only hope for the safety of those innocents left on Tatooine, as unfortunately, being only the leader of a small trading taskforce I could not hope to stand off against one of the Empire's mighty fleets as well as more Sith in one spot than I have ever seen in my entire life. In fact, you saw an example of their power the other night when they used their combined efforts to conjure up a mythical bulk cruiser and many 'volunteers' to portray Black Sun agents satisfying the mighty sarlacc. Unfortunately they did capture someone close and dear to me. The voice actor who portrayed me in a local broadcast holovision cartoon, named 'The Stranded Bothan'. Another innocent who will no doubt suffer at the hands of the Empire if he has not become food for the sarlacc already. Excuse me a moment, while we have a moment of silence for our dear loved ones, and the rest of the innocents being slaughtered at Tatooine."

Joseph bows his head, hiding his face again beneath the over-sized hat on top of his head. After a minute, the Bothan looks back up.

"With that said, I would like to remark on the wonderful job the Brotherhood of the Sand has done. I hope that more people on Tatooine band together to fight the good fight and accomplish what I could not. The Brotherhood of the Sand and Master Nero has both mine and the Princess' sentiments and support."

Joseph pauses for a moment, his face remains emotionless.

"On another note, I would like to congratulate the Princess on her ascension to the throne of Black Sun. I know she will uphold the fine tradition of Princes and Princesses that have come before her, that I have had the personal pleasure of serving under. And like dominos, the Princess brings even more changes to Black Sun. For one, I will be taking the position of Regent under the Princess, which means I hope to take on a more inter-galactic role. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have on my holo number, 41827630. I will return you to your normal programming after a special message I would like to share with all of you. A message that reminds us of what we should be fighting for, the future of tomorrow, the children. No matter where the children are, whether they are at galactic centres such as Coruscant, or on backwater trading posts such as Tatooine. If we don't feel the need to protect tomorrow's leaders than what is worth protecting? This is some fan mail I received after I had to evacuate the planet. Regent Roscha out."

The screen cuts to the following picture accompanied by a soft and slow version of the melody of 'The Stranded Bothan'.

The image is eventually replaced by the Black Sun logo again, then to your normal programming.