A new Venom Kazvar plot

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Posted by PaulDaJedi on Year 5 Day 313

Onboard the Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser Nemisis in system Saari Ha.

I wanted to take a moment to warn people about Venom Kazvar somebody that is not capable of stealing a ship the old fashion way and gives a bad name to the entire endeavor. Most of you already know him and stay away from him like the plague. Recently he has been telling people of a guardian cruiser that he claims that has been modified for extra speed. But when Raptor Pirates techs got aboard the captain of the ship kept trying to show them non vital areas of the ship and not let them examine the claims of increased performance. It took one of the Raptor Pirates techs sneaking off to the engine room to discover that there was NOTHING changed about the engines what so ever. And when it came time to making a deal he repeatedly refused middle men and wanted a direct trade.

I want to take just another moment to warn every sentient receiving this message...STAY AWAY FROM Venom Kazvar AT ALL COSTS! Never believe any of his claims for they will always be lies! The Raptor Pirates were not fooled into his trap dont let your self, your group, or your employees be fooled by him either. He is known for cleaning groups out of every last credit and ship they own.