Aeron Creel

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Aeron Creel
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Ellia Creel
Father Dack Creel †
Marital Status Single
Born Year -4, Day 54
Languages Most due to Force sensitivity
Religion Gray Jedi
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5' 7" (Approx. 1.7 meters)
Weight 148 lbs (Approx. 67 kilograms)
Coloring Light, slightly pale
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue/green, or possibly gray
Political Information
Affiliation Endless Endeavors (in cooperation rather than fully)

Aeron Creel is a Force sensitive from Corellia. His younger years were spent on Corellia doing odd jobs and learning how to fly ships. These days he travels the galaxy doing various things from himself, certain other sentients, and Endless, on occasion.


Early Years

Aeron Creel was born to his lower-class parents Dack and Ellia Creel on Year -4, Day 54. His father was a man who was involved in multiple crimes and actually brought home lots of Credits at various points throughout his years in crime. He mostly stole items that people left lying around which included ships and vehicles. He was thought to have robbed a bank with two other accomplices but this was never proven. Even though Aeron's father brought home lots of Credits on numerous occasions, they were still rather poor. His father had accumulated numerous debts over the years and had a very unhealthy gambling addiction. His mother, in contrast, was the opposite of her husband. She didn't support the lifestyle that her husband choose to live but, not wanting Aeron to grow up without a father, endured through nevertheless..

Aeron's relationship with his father was doomed from a young age. Dack was rarely home due to his crime sprees, and because of this Aeron grew closer to his mother. His father didn't have a lot to do with Aeron but after a certain point in his life, he stopped caring about his father. It wouldn't be to long after this that his father met his end. In late Year 14, his father was shot dead at a cantina by a sentient that had a few ships go missing recently and the signs all pointed straight to Dack. His death didn't come as a surprise to anyone, not even Aeron. They all knew he'd get killed one day, and most had theorized it to be in a similar way. Sometime after his father's death, Aeron began regretting not trying to bond with the man himself. Not too long after Dack's death, however, he would leave home in search of a better life.

Leaving Coreilla

In year 15, at the age of 19, Aeron decided to leave Corellia behind. He managed to gather up enough Credits in the days after his father's death doing various odd jobs to afford passage on a freighter set to leave the planet. On board, he would help the crew do various tasks. After some time of not finding a place to get off at, the crew offered Aeron a more permanent position in the ship's crew. Without haste, he accepted an continued to fly through the stars with them for about a year.

However, in late year 16, a job he was on went south. The crew, including himself, engaged in a firefight on the ground. Two of the five crew-sentient crew was killed on the ground before the captain ordered the other member of the crew and Aeron aboard the ship. All three rushed to the cockpit. The captain and the other crew-sentient took the pilot and co-pilot's chair, respectively. Aeron, without hesitation, ran back out of the cockpit and to the rear gunner position. During the climb into the atmosphere to the planet's orbit, Aeron took down two enemy fighters with minimal damage to the ship. Once in orbit, they were swarmed by more hostile fighters. Not able to hold them all back, the ship received heavy damage, mainly to both the hyperdrive and sublight engines. However, in a bold move, the captain still made the jump into hyperspace to a random position away from where they were now.

Not too long after the jump, Aeron made his way back to the cockpit. A few minutes after, the hyperdrive overloaded, causing the engines to explode, knocking the ship out of hyperspace. They fell out near a planet and were pulled into its atmosphere. The captain and co-pilot managed to level out the ship for minimal impact on the planet's surface. The ship, still flying at an extremely high speed, crashed first into some large trees, breaking the hull open and causing the co-pilot to be sucked out of the cockpit. Miraculously nether the captain nor Aeron were sucked out with the co-pilot. Through the trees, the finally meet the surface below. The two crashed into a swamp. Upon impact, the pilot's head was struck against the ship's console, killing them instantly. Aeron, however, was just knocked unconscious.

Sometime later during the night he awoke outside on the ground. He had been pulled from the wreckage and had his injuries bandaged. Later, his rescuer came back to the camp they had set up for themselves and Aeron. He was then told that they would take him to the closest inhabited area and help get him transport offworld. On the way, the two bonded. Upon arrival, his rescuer joined him for the journey offworld. So, instead of paying for transport, Aeron spent what few Credits he had and purchased a ship for the two of them. To this day, they both still travel together.

On His Own

After the incident, Aeron spent his time amassing Credits and various other assets. Eventually, he figured that he should get a stable job. He decided that piloting work would be the best, at least for the time. And in late Year 18, he joined Endless Endeavors as a pilot.

Force Sensitivity


Aeron was thought for years to not be Force sensitive. Aeron, who came from a long line of Force sensitive sentients, didn't think too much about it and carried on with his life because there were plenty of others in his ancestry that were not Force sensitive. Eventually, however, he began thinking about the Force again. At the sixth annual Uli Memorial Swap Meet he meet up with Rawth Shacklefist. He had known Rawth for some time now because of his job with Endless Endeavors and had already talked about getting tested for the Force so a test was quickly administered by Chiss Force user. Just like the last test Aeron had received, it took an hour. Unlike the last one, however, was the surprising news that he was indeed Force sensitive. Aeron was, at first, taken aback by what the Chiss told him. He was overwhelmed with questions about the Force which he asked Rawth, whom gladly answered. Ever since then, Aeron has trained in the Force alone.

His Path

Being the first member of his family in centuries to be Force sensitive, Aeron was proud of his gift. Sometimes, he sees his ancestors during training, and sometimes they even communicate with him, giving him their wisdom and knowledge of the Force. However, eventually, something started to weigh upon him. He soon found that out to be that he felt he should serve a greater purpose in the galaxy. He thought about joining the Jedi Order, so that he might hone his abilities and follow the path of Light. But soon he learned he disliked the ideals the Jedi Order held. Still, he didn't wish to join the Sith, nor did he wish to follow the Darkside of the Force. Instead, he began researching his lineage. Among the various ancestors that were Jedi, Dark Jedi, and Sith, he found a few that followed none. Gray Jedi, they were called. To Aeron, this sounded like the perfect path to follow because it didn't adhere to the rules of the Jedi but also isn't as Darksided as the Sith were.


Physical Appearance

Aeron weighs in at around 148 pounds (approximately 67 kilograms). Compaired to most sentients in the galaxy, he is rather short, standing at a height of around 5'7" (approximately 1.7 meters. His brown hair is grown passed his shoulders, but not by much. Usually, it is worn down but in recent times he has been tying it up in either a low ponytail or bun. His eyes are an odd color. They appear to either be a blue/green color or gray. His skin is rather light and is slightly pale.


Aeron is fairly cold to those he doesn't know. He tends to be wary of every sentient in a room unless he knows them to be trustworthy. With sentients he doesn't know, he usually questions with generic answers that sound to be true but, at the same time, seems like a lie. It also seems like he is deliberately trying to mislead those he doesn't know. Of course with the Force, it makes it easy to do so in most cases. But despite all of this, he tries to defuse conflicts between sentients he doesn't know and we even aid if a fight breaks out, fighting for whomever he supports in the conflict. With those he does know and trust, he is a lot more friendly and warm, but still he tends to be colder than most others, regardless. He is also more likely to start a conflict himself to protect the very few sentients that he actually trusts and cares for.

Weapons and Apparel

Aeron wears a custom gold heavy battle armor. It provides more movement than regular heavy battle armor to help support fluid movements in combat and the Force while still providing nearly the same amount of protection. Over this is his Force robe. It is forest green green in color. Inside it he keeps multiple various objects. This includes a set of vibroblades which he rarely uses. On either of his hips rests a chrome ELG-3A. Slung across his back is his Nightstinger.

Notable Ships


A dark gray Corona-class Frigate, Aeron uses its as he main base of operations, keeping most of his other ships docked inside when not in use. His crew also stay here, unless they are with him, which only an elite few actually join Aeron on any missions

Aer Orton Cento

Formerly just another ship in his fleet, Aeron has came to prefer using this Sprint-class Rescue Craft in missions for its larger passenger capacity and twin medical bays. Although when he isn't using it, usually members of his elite squad are on a mission of some sorts in it.


A dark gray and red Wayfarer-class Medium Freighter. This ship was formerly Aeron's main before being replaced by Aer Orton Cento. It is still used a fair bit by Aeron, especially due to its vast cargo capacity. Sometimes, because of this, it is used in missions with Aer Orton Cento when a larger cargo space is needed, however this is rare now. Mostly, it's just used in place of Aer Orton Cento when the former is unavailable to Aeron. As such, a couple of pod racers, a swoop bike, and even a small fighter have come to call the inside of this ship home.


An orange and white ETA-2 Actis-class Light Interceptor. It sits in Kuriero's docking bay, rarely seeing any use. It is only used in situations where Aeron needs only to travel alone and fast, be that sublight or or across a planet. It rarely sees hyperspace outside of the docking bay of Frelaho or Kuriero.