Ailing Krath Suffers Crippling Strike by Black Sun

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Posted by: Kyran Caelius - Faction: Black Sun
Date: Year 18 Day 291 Onboard the C-3 Passenger Liner [BSNN] Discovery in system Gravlex Med (-9, 347).

Greetings to the citizens of Black Sun and our viewers across the galaxy. My name is Cynthia Kappa and you are watching the Black Sun News Network. Today, we are proud to bring you an exclusive report on the recent turmoil shaking the Krath.


Earlier this week, Black Sun struck a decisive blow against its enemies in the Krath. Kagurazaka Yoi, CEO of Minos-Mestra Munitions and Black Watch operative, sabotaged the [[The Krath|Krath's00 war efforts when she revealed how easily Black Sun was able to penetrate their security. She provided access codes to Black Watch agents and deactivated security measures on Minos-Mestra Munitions materials, allowing them to make away with goods worth approximately 70,000,000,000 credits on the market, a large portion of which consisted of Heavy Battle Armour. Vigo Banquo Knox has indicated that those suits will be repainted and distributed to citizen militias currently operating in Krath territory to free themselves from tyranny and oppression.

Along with the armour, large stockpiles of weapons, munitions, and explosives were seized. Black Watch agents scoured the Minos-Mestra storage facilities with ruthless efficiency and left them barren as a small fleet moved the equipment to more secure locations. One agent stood in front of stacked storage containers waiting to be loaded onto a freighter, saying "This operation far exceeded our expectations. We have called in more ships because we ran out of room." Among the items acquired were a sizeable collection of Merr-Sonn Mark II Repeater Blaster Cannons and energy shields. BSNN was unable to find anyone willing to comment on the eventual fate of these valuable pieces.


Pundits across the galaxy have begun to question what this means for Krath's position in the Galactic Alliance. The New Republic has been a staunch supporter of their allies, despite the continued mismanagement of resources, security failures, and lack of meaningful contributions. They will undoubtedly continue to pledge their unwavering friendship and aid to the beleaguered Krath, but anonymous sources have suggested that the New Republic is losing patience. They already refuse to provide the blueprints for their restricted technology to Krath manufacturers.

If the Krath continues to invite its enemies into its ranks and find them more capable than those who are loyal, one must wonder how long the Galactic Alliance can trust them with anything.

Whatever may transpire within the ranks of the Galactic Alliance, it is a great day for all peoples of the galaxy who support peace, law, and order. This has been a Black Sun News Network special report. Cynthia Kappa signing off.