Alderaan (Planet)

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Alderaan planet.png
System Alderaan
Sector Alderaan
Galactic Coordinates (70, 35)
System Coordinates (14, 12)
Astrographic Entry Alderaan
Type Temperate / Breathable
Primary Terrain: Grassland
Rotational Period 24 standard hours [1]
Orbital Period 364 standard days [1]
Population 342,234,693 inhabitants
Controlled By Tenloss Syndicate
Governor None
Magistrate None
Sentient Races Alderaanian

Alderaan, located in the Core Worlds, is the second planet in the Alderaan system, and the home of many famous heroes. Renowned galaxy-wide for their planet's unspoiled beauty, refined culture, and commitment to peace, Alderaanians work with and around the land to preserve as much of the natural surroundings as they can.[1]


Alderaan has long been a centre point in galactic politics, exploration, and culture. Alderaanian exploration vessels have plied many of the most important trade routes in The Galaxy and as such, Alderaanians are renowned traders. As a result, colonists from Alderaan have settled on various scattered worlds. Alderaan is a beautiful blue green orb lacking moons, and is the home of a peaceful society governed by a viceroy. Unlike the crowded Core worlds like Coruscant, Alderaanian society has struck a harmonious balance between urban centres and undisturbed wilderness. Alderaan was once home to a native sentient insectoid species known as the Killiks, that has long since died out. The Killiks left behind impressive hive-edifices (called the Castle Lands) on the Alderaanian grasslands after being forcibly evicted by ancient beings known only as the "celestials".[2]

Much of Alderaan is covered by gently swaying grasslands and prairies. Alderaanian artists have used the landscape itself to create living works of art; planting grasses of different hues and textures along carefully plotted paths. The savannahs support a variety of ruminant life forms, such as grazers and nerfs, and ranching has been a common occupation. The few metropolitan areas of the planet are designed in such a way as to complement their surroundings. The city of Aldera's skyline consists of gently curved, gleaming white buildings that form a subtle bridge between the green grasses and white clouds. Here, students from across the galaxy have studied at the famed University of Aldera, a learning institution that promotes inspiration and free-thinking. Other centers, such as Crevasse City, meld so perfectly with their surroundings that they are almost invisible from a distance unless you know exactly what to look for. Since the time of the Clone Wars, during which the planet was turned into a devastated battleground, Alderaanians decided to outlaw weapons and disbanded the small army it had. After this law was passed and years went by, the period of re-growth has been spectacular, and Alderaan has once more become a renowned for its beauty, hailed as the "Bright Center of the Universe."[2]

Culture and society

Alderaanian culture values education, the performing and fine arts, and peaceful resolutions to conflicts. They place high value on participation in the ruling bodies of the Galaxy. The Alderaanians constantly seek a harmonious existence with their surroundings, evident in their integration of their society into the natural terrain of Alderaan. Alderaanians are known for love of philosophy.[1]

An average Alderaanian is very educated and cultured. Poets and artists have long thrived on Alderaan. Alderaan's beauty has moved the pens of poets, while the vast grasslands have served as a canvas for grass paintings. Alderaan is also famous for its cuisine. The large variety of spices and herbs have allowed chefs to experiment and create some of the finest dishes in the galaxy. Steamed Alderaanian spiced wine is a favored beverage among many.[1]

Some of Alderaan's major exports include wine, art, and luxury goods.[1]