Alexus' Trading Post Press Release

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Posted by Rick Olie on Year 5 Day 275

Onboard the J-type 322 Starship ROS Old Republic in system Hapan.

Alexus' Trading post sent out this press announcement today:

Alexus' Trading Post is branching off from just ships and stocks. It is now possible to get system scans, adverts like this one, signs for your shop, banners, sigs, avatars and bounties. Yes, bounties. One of our trained staff will kill anyone from 100k per person. If you have a question send a darkness message to Alexus Harvey and he will be happy to answer any question you have.

Well, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.

A little Endeavor Corporation logo is at the end of the message before your GNS datapad goes blank.