Aline secured

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Posted by Tyr DeMeer on Year 5 Day 248

Onboard the YT-510 Spawn at galactic position (-3, 20).

In a swift move last night, Mandalore Naval Forces surrounded the Aline system, declaring that all pirate forces and smuggling rings were to be removed from the system at all costs. The Aline system has been used as a distant base of operations for some time now by pirates and smugglers alike, plundering the system's resources. It has often been used as a place to hide...until last night.

Led by Admiral Panzer, the 1st and 2nd Fleets of the Mandalore Navy swept through the system whilst the rest of the avaliable forces surrounded the system, making sure the unwanted left. Armed military forces later landed on those planets appearing to contain pirates and smugglers, and managed to 'remove' them from the system. Tyr DeMeer, leader of the Mandalore, declared this morning after the events, "Aline will be a free system. No longer will the stench of criminals pollute this part of the Galaxy. We have been invited by the local goverment to have a small security force stationed at Aline and Mandalore gladly accepted the offer" Admiral Panzer, who lead this operation, was unavaliable for comment on this matter.