Alliance Strike team neutralizes recent Maldebranche Fleet Delta Aquisitions

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Posted by Avatar on Year 5 Day 162

Onboard the Mon Calamari MC-60 RANS CEN NorthStar in system Republica.

The red logo for the Alliance to Restore the Republic flashes up on your screen, as the holosignal you are watching is hijacked from the regular programming.

On the screen you see a Gand, standing tall in brown robes, on the bridge of a Mon Calamari Cruiser. Out of the main viewport behind him, you can see the planet of Adbatar, in Republica, floating in space.

The Gand wastes no time before beginning to speak.

"Greetings, sentients of the Galaxy. As some of you may have recently seen, Teniel Djo has put up for auction a Marauder Corvette, in whose docking bay she currently has trapped three Alliance fighters."

"In her actions of hijacking these Alliance fighters, Teniel Djo, and Maldebranche Fleet Delta, have proven themselves to be enemies of the Alliance. Congratulations Teniel, you are among the first neutral parties to earn this distinction."

"For those of you who are placing bids on the auction for these Alliance ships, know this for the future: those that own stolen Alliance hardware, we will pursue just as much as those who steal it. And also, Avatar would suggest you all withdraw your current bids. Now. Those ships are still ours."

"Now, unlike the Empire and their so-called executions of nameless and possible non-existant people, the Alliance only makes announcements when there is concrete news to report. So, Avatar invites you to follow and watch as he takes action."

Avatar then turns to an officer standing off to one side. "Commander, open a comm channel to our captive fighters."

As Avatar says this, a growing wind builds within the Bridge of the Mon Calamari Cruiser, and you see the Bridge Officers all hold on to something nearby. A bright point of light begins to coalesce beside Avatar, and slowly spirals outwards and grows in size.

It continues to grow and pulsate, until it is a few meters in diameter, and sparks of ionized energy fly off it and discharge into the metal on the Bridge.

Avatar motions to the camera, as he turns towards this small maelstrom of energy, and your point of view follows as the Gand Jedi Master walks closer to the Wormhole, and then steps inside. The camer continues to follow, and the flickering blue energy fills the camera vision for a moment, before a bright flash.

The view on the camera is now different... it is still on board a ship, this is evident because to one side is a large docking bay opening out into the depths of space, the opening protected by a magcon field. Sitting in the middle of the docking bay you see two A-wings, and a single X-wing.

The docking bay is almost completely empty, with only a lone man on the far side, sitting at a console.

Avatar turns first to the man, and waves his three-fingered hand towards the human. The human slumps over lightly, now lost in an illusion. Avatar then faces the camera again, and continues to speak.

"As Teniel has made clear in an effort to assure bidders, this Marauder has no one on the crew list or docking list, and is currently only run by a skeleton crew. Avatar is not here to harm them in any way. They are merely innocent beings, doing their jobs. Avatar is here to obtain justice, not to kill."

Avatar then walks over to the three Alliance fighters. Standing beside them, he draws a lightsaber, whose green blade ignites with a snap-hiss.

"These fighters will not fall into the hands of pirates."

Avatar then takes his lightsaber to the three fighters, with a grimace evident on his mandibles. It is obvious that he does not enjoy destroying these fighters, that he climbed the ranks of the Alliance flying, but he goes about his work with efficiency.

As the deactivated powerplants of the fighters detonate, one by one, you see the explosions engulf the Gand Jedi, but he is unharmed by the energy of the fighter's destructions, as you see faint flickers of energy surrounding him in a circle.

Avatar continues his work until the fighters are all completely destroyed, chopped up into small pieces. These pieces all then rise up into the air, and you see them crush down, as if compacted by a giant invisible fist. The wreckage then flies together into one single fused pile of metal, completely useless to anyone.

"Teniel and Maldebranche, this is the fruits of your labour. Enjoy it well."

A wormhole opens again beside the Jedi Master, and he deactivates his lightsaber, and steps through it. The camera, still pointing at the lump of metal that was once three Alliance fighters, is placed on the ground, and you see the Alliance Marine that was holding it also enter the Wormhole, which then closes.

The silent view of the twisted lump of metal continues for a few moments, and then the logo of the Alliance is shown again.