Allied Tion situation under control

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Posted by Alex Tylger on Year 5 Day 270

Location Unknown

Earlier today a spokeswoman for the Hapan Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with journalists and representatives from the GNS, TGT, GNN and other intergalactic news services on Lorell to give some brief statements regarding the situation in Allied Tion:

"Greetings, members of the Intergalactic press. The Hapan government now considers the Allied Tion situation resolved as far as Hapan involvement is concerned. The King and the Hapan royal council was pleased to see Prime Minister Wolfstar step down and give Enzo Delaere the chance to settle the issues of Allied Tion and also lead the New Anzat Order towards a more prosperous future. At the same time the leaders of the Hapes Consortium demonstrated their disappointed that Prime Minister Wolfstar was unable to resolve the situation peacefully and quickly.

His Royal Highness, King James as well as the royal council congratulates Prime Minister Delaere on his new position within the New Anzat Order. They are pleased that the Prime Minister ordered his forces to stand down. The Royal Hapan Navy is returning the favour and fighter squadrons are now docking with their motherships.

Tension between governments forces present at Allied Tion has been reduced and talks are now proceeding. Furthermore, the Hapes Consortium and its leaders send their regards to Prime Minister Delaere and look forward to future diplomatic talks between the two governments in order to improve relations.

It has been confirmed by the Royal Hapan Navy that King James has ordered the Hapan fleet commander at Dellalt to prepare for departure. The Hapan task force is expected to set course for the Hapes cluster in a matter of days. That is all for now, thank you."