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Hacked by: Syn - Faction: Eidola Pirates
Date: Year 15 Day 315 Onboard the Acclamator I-class Assault Ship Iluvatar in system Cha Raaba (397, -20).

YLESIA--A tale of scandal and intrigue rocked the Outer Rim this week as Lilith Delcroix, the Trade Federation's new Director of Trade, accused Syn of the Eidola Pirates of abducting and ransoming her for several hundred million credits and of stealing her prized lightsaber.

Lilith delcroix ava.png

Delcroix was appointed Director of Trade on Day 289, successor to the innovative and highly successful Tanez Kalrade. Her first action in her new position was to skip work and set course for Ylesia, notorious hunting territory of the Eidola Pirates, in order to personally deliver the department's entire supply of heavily employee-discounted Corellian Powersuit armour in order to aid in outfitting new pirates. She arrived on Day 304, whereupon she claimed she had been promptly apprehended by the honest and reputable Anzati not far from the site of Executor Seele's capture a year and a half prior.

The case is still under investigation by the Trade Federation Board of Citizenship, which granted the pirate level 2 citizenship with all its benefits nearly two years ago. Syn, known for her reputation as a respectable trader and trustworthy middleman, was quick to deny all charges of wrongdoing.

"This is all a huge misunderstanding!" she declared, sounding appropriately shocked by the allegations.

According to the pirate, Delcroix arrived with expectations of a sexual liaison and found Syn's form of bondage play objectionable. Finding her unwilling to pursue a deeper emotional relationship, the Amani stormed off angrily, presumably in search of someone else who might give her the intimacy she sought.

"She paid me 200 million credits through an anonymous third party for my silence regarding her indiscretions," Syn reported. "She didn't want her truancy to reflect poorly on her job, I suppose."

Questioned about the allegedly seized lightsaber, Syn explained with a shrug, "I asked her to show me her lightsaber. I meant it as a euphemism but I guess she took it literally. She left it behind--she seemed rather unstable when she left, so I imagine it must have slipped her mind. Not everyone handles rejection well. Of course, she can return to pick it up anytime."


Bondage gone awry, or illegal abduction and ransoming of a member of the Trade Federation directorate? The facts are still unclear, but it seems unlikely that such an upstanding and respectable figure as Syn would somehow persuade yet another innocent victim to walk straight into her clutches. She has altruistically pledged to use the hush money to help fund the medical sector, which still struggles to recover from a multi-billion credit heist several months ago.

Published by the Eidola News Network.