Altora III Embraces Black Sun Rule

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Altora III Embraces Black Sun Rule
Posted by: Ahsas Rotciv Maharg - Faction: Black Sun
Date: Year 17 Day 299 Onboard the Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser [BSS] Innocent Raider in system Altora (14, 460).


Hello, and welcome to another special report from the Black Sun News Network. I am Ariana Howitt with the latest news from Altora III. Until a few days ago, the planet was under the control of Biotech. Due to the recent embezzlement of public funds and assets by a traitor within Biotech's ranks, the people of Altora rejected the medical company and declared their independence. The following transition period was marked by riots and looting by the unhappy populace. Dark Prince Jeor Knight saw the instability in the region and took it upon himself to bring peace and order to the people of Altora III. He brought with him the promise of economic renewal and stability.


Realizing that he could turn this into an opportunity to tackle two humanitarian crises at the same time, Dark Prince Knight has promised that Altora III's economy will be bolstered by an influx of refugees of the Galactic Civil War that have been clamouring to join Black Sun in return for steady work and housing. Many of the refugees volunteered to help with the stabilization efforts on the plant, risking reprisals from Biotech as they fought to regain control of the population.


Christine Apotheosis, Vigo of Defence, has been organizing the Blades in their construction efforts. We were lucky enough to get a field reporter to one of her briefings with the mobilized volunteers. With the aid of a translator, she stressed the importance of respecting the local people's customs and current infrastructure while carrying out construction projects with the efficiency that has come to be associated with the Blades of the Prince since she assumed command. "The Blades train for a swift response. Today, we achieved that. Thank you to all those participating in the reconstruction efforts. These people have asked for the protection of Black Sun and their well-being is our first priority."

Banquo Knox, Vigo of Shadows and former leader of Biotech, was seen leading the Black Sun humanitarian aid forces. We managed to get a brief moment of his time and he had this to say: "Biotech has grown weak and bloated in its indolence. It has become a cancer on the people of this planet, feeding on them and giving nothing back. Like a good doctor, we are simply treating the sickness and removing the tumour."

Vilicus Kira Morbus is being commended for striking a blow for justice, arresting the instigator of the rebellion, Erne Scott, and executing him for treason and his attempts to blackmail the throne. With his death, Biotech surrendered the last of their assets on the planet and the remnants of their forces retreated, cementing the future of Altora III.

This concludes our breaking news special report. To the people of Altora III, Black Sun welcomes you with open arms. You are now part of the ever-growing collective; the Family Council has promised to bring honour and profit back to your planet.