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Posted by Banquo Knox on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the YT-510 Sorrow at galactic position (70, -28).

A bright white set of teeth were shining from behind a sly grin, from behind his desk he casually stared at the camera not bothering to comment as he allowed the crew to set the scene. With a brisk movement the camera panned downward showing you the work that was strung out across the large wooden desk, what he was working on was not so much the highlight.

Several action figures were set up like a little play set, a squad of storm troopers along with the new Xya and Tara range had been strategically placed. Two black metallic hands drained themselves into the frame picking up the Tara and Xya dolls and using them to kick the troopers around the mass of paper work.

Take that! Take that you nasty Imperials!

Muffled sounds of blaster fire could be heard as he made the sound effects for his play toys, sighing he dropped them both onto the table and watched as their toy blasters fell from their hands onto his stapler. Why cant we all just get along

The cameras angle slowly drew upward bearing a new light, the face of our hero Banquo Knox with a very distilled look on his face. I have seen enough bloodshed to last a life time, or two He says pausing for a moment to take a deep breath and releasing it in a sarcastic sigh. But its not all a tragic loss, something good can come from all of this Looking down he picked up the Tara doll and one of the stormtroopers from the table, pressing them together he smiled brightly.

Why cant we all just get along! Setting the dolls down beside one another in a seated position, linking their arms together he let out a chuckle. Here at Biotech we believe in equality, we feel that this has been taken too far and something needs to be done With a heavy sigh he continued. Its time we all healed our old wounds!... And where better to heal them then at Biotech! Grinning he tossed in another plug for his company, whistling lightly under his breath he tried to regain his composure and carry on.

If the dolls can do it... Why cant we?