An Executor Assumes His Place at the Right Hand of the Throne

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Posted by Vodo Bonias on Year 5 Day 205

From the Conference Centre Xucphra Headquarters in city Ord Vantrix - Imperial Army on planet Thyferra.

An image of Emperor Vodo appears over your holo-receiver

It is with dark satisfaction that I announce the name of our new Executor. He has served the Empire and the Dark Side for as long as I can remember. He served me in the Imperial Navy back when I was the Emperor for the very first time. Given his dedication and proven track record, it should come as no surprise that I hereby promote Lord Minister Gesling to the position of Imperial Executor.

The intellectual capital of the Empire is as strong as it ever has been. I encourage you all to congratulate Lord Executor Gesling, if not out of respect, then out of fear. Fear of the Dark Side powers he has come to know all too well.

May the Darkness cover the land!

Transmission Terminated