An announcement of Retirement

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Posted by Reajiad Nero on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser JP Zaibach in system Republica.

I am announcing my retirement from the Jedi Praxium.

Despite what any of you may feel, I leave not because Felix did what he did: That is an internal matter for the Jedi to discuss, and, as the saying goes, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Thus far, only thieves have come up to the forefront to demand justice. You have no right. You sacrificed this right when you began to steal. You only make fools out of yourselves to suggest, whether rightly or not, that Felix is not allowed to steal because he is a Jedi.

It is my belief, and I will say this clearly, that the Jedi need a clearer code to live by. Currently, out of a previous necessity, our code was flexible. The vague understanding was that we did what we did for the common good, and the ends would inevitably justify the means... That we might make sacrifices in order to accomplish a greater good. If that meant killing someone to save fifty people, we would do it. If that meant stealing in order to prevent someone from building an Empire off the backs of innocents they ripped off, then, by logic, that could be acceptable. Felix has not broken our code, our code has been proven flawed. No longer in this galaxy can we operate as rogue Jedi. Where once it was a necessity, now it may well be a hindrance. It is time again to build a structured order to ensure Jedi operate in similar ways and understand how Jedi should behave, so that we do not break into sects of different thought, thereby hindering our goals and defeating the initial purpose.

But again, that is not why I retire.

I retire, because I am tired. I truly appreciate the words of public support I have received through the Falleen Federation and Jeff Corbin. But just as this happens I receive "pleas for help" from "friends", which actually consist of people informing me that I am responsible for the state of the Galaxy. This way of trying to get my help being used by someone I thought to be a friend is far more damaging than that used by Teniel Djo or others.

However, if you wanted my help, those who were mostly thieves who sought to insult me and curse me until I yielded, you will never again have it. You wanted things your way, at your time. Many of you I have helped in the past. Well, no longer. You have taken advantage of me far too often.

I am sick and tired of it. I will give nothing to those who are only willing to take. From this day foward, if ever I do choose to return to the spotlight, you will know not to expect anything from me unless you are willing to accept my terms. If you are not, then you will receive no help. If you seek to pressure me, you will do nothing but lose a friend. Jedi are not tools. No one is a tool to be used senselessly. If you are being treated as a tool, escape from that. You are not your own person if you are being treated as such.

Good bye for now, my friends.

And to those who alienated me (Teniel Djo, Ethan Stone, Tycho Celchu, Thrax Mincoul)? Good job.