An invitation to the empassionate Wook - Part I

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Posted by Thraken Solo on Year 5 Day 131

Location Unknown

A static line crackles across your holoviewer, before fading into picture. You see the bridge of what looks to be an xl-7000 battleship, well over four times as large as the massive, aging acclamator design. Sitting in the command chair is a common vissage to you these days, the leader of the Order of Krath. Thraken smiles jovially for the camera as only a rambling sith lord can, and then gestures with his arm out towards the viewscreen. The camera pans around to reveal the beautiful planet of Corellia, surrounded by a derelict imperial fleet. While the cameraman ammusedly zooms into and away from the various imperial ships dead in space, Thraken chimes in a few words.

"I had to go to quite some lengths to get this broadcast time on the galactic news service. It appears that a huge amount of content was transmitted from lorell some time ago, and due to its huge file sizes, larger than anything GNS has seen so far this year, had to come in two parts. I'm sorry though, I'm rambling."

The noghri smiled ferally, though not for the camera.

"I am making this broadcast to make clear my stance on the ranger threat."

He cleared his throat, rocking forward slightly with his ship as it maneuvered to avoid the floating empty mass of a Victory-Class Star Destroyer.

"Mister Antaria. I am currently at Corellia, I will be here for two days surveying the ruins of the Imperial sector fleet. After which I will be at Sluis Van indefinetly. Make good your threats."

The noghri stepped forward off of his command chair, coming up alongside the cameraman. Gazing out at the picturesque scene of derelict ships forming a halo around his homeworld, Thraken added one last bit.

"For those interested, our scans of this system show that of the 31 Imperial capital vessels stationed here, 22 are derelict, including several star destroyers. There are also over 100 unmanned fighters and countless derelict Imperial freighters. I hope to see you maintaining your honor, Choibacco. It would be a shame to not see you either here or at sluis, after I've gone to lengths to make your job easier. Have a nice day."

The image dissolved amidst an array of static, bringing you back to another self-made interview.