An unexpected turn

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Posted by Reajiad Nero on Year 0 Day 0
Onboard the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser JP Zaibach in system Republica.

Reajiad Nero, well known Jedi, a former Vice Marshal and the former High Ambassador of the Rebel Alliance, stands before you. He looks cold, yet somehow relieved.

"Ladies and Gentlemen: I pledge my support behind the Jedi Felix 100%. I pledge it without abandon. He has done a wrong to accomplish a right.

"You may wonder at my sudden change. I will tell you: When I renounced my position of leadership in the Jedi Praxium, I realized that it was because thieves insisted I do it. How does a thief like Teniel find the nerve to suggest that for a Jedi to steal is unjust, but for someone else to steal is fine, as long as they are in a group that steals?

"I will share something: Stealing for the sake of stealing, is wrong. Just as killing for the sake of killing, is wrong.

"We live in a lawless galaxy right now. I will not follow peacetime laws when there is chaos, and thieves run amok. I will follow the law of justice. I will be the advocate of the person who lives without resorting to petty theft. I will be the advocate of the person who is under threat of death for no particular reason. If I must, I will not hesitate to lie, cheat, steal, maim, kill, deceive, and betray anyone who is entirely worthy of all of those things, having done them themselves. The other option is inaction and an increase in crimes against the innocent. If you fear me, you have the Dark Side in you, and I will indeed be coming for you one day. As a hawk in the night, I will spill the blood of the guilty so that the innocent‘s blood may be spared.

"Hopefully, it goes without saying that I am no longer in the Jedi Council. Hopefully, it goes without saying that I hereby denounce the Jedi Order for myself. The Jedi Order is too worried with appeasing the dark side. I do not blame any specific members, I blame the framework, or lack thereof, of the Order. I hope the Order shapes up, but if it does not, we shall go in their stead. Y, we.

"For I do not stand alone.

"To fail to act for the good is evil. Evil will argue otherwise. But know, innocents of the galaxy, you have nothing to fear from us. We will spread our justice only to those who deserve it. We pledge to be your advocate, innocents, and your advocate we shall be. We will guard you for as long as we have air in our lungs, or water in our gills (so as not to descriminate by potential species).

"And may no one come to us seeking forgiveness unless they are completely willing to follow our course of repentance. If you refuse to give back what you have taken, we refuse to spare you from our watchful gaze.

"If you fear us, then you most likely should. If you feel a spark of hope, we seek to inflame it in your hearts. We are the Brotherhood of the Sand.

As quickly as we will heal the good person, we will do all within our power to ensure the evil one can do no further harm. The real Jedi have come home."