And Life Goes On

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Posted by Tara Tylger on Year 5 Day 146

From the Tavern White Angel Tavern in city Zion on planet Tatooine.

Your screen changes to a clean and fairly up market Tavern, the bar is well lit and stylish and is very busy with all different aliens drinking and joking happily. The Camera pans round to a booth slightly isolated from the rest where Tara Tylger is sat in comfort. Wearing her usual armour and array of weapons, she has a datapad in her hands and a smile on her face.

"We must congratulate the Empire on thier fantastic occupation of this once small and insignificant planet."

Her hand sweeps to encompass the bar in front of her, the camera follows showing peoples lives carrying on normaly, even though they are supposed to be under Imperial Rule. The camera finishes back at the White Angel who is looking at her datapad before looking up.

"Even though the Empire spent two months in orbit hailing ships to "go away" and playing sandcastles here on the planet surface, this system is still marked as run by Black Sun. No Family lives where lost, and all our facilities are still intact, all we can say is thank you to the Galactic Empire for thier promotion and protection of our system."

She smirks in amusment and continues.

"We see your sending COMPNOR down to help with the cleanup, Black Sun hope they do as good a job as your Navy has."

Tara lifts her drink in a slight toast to the camera and then takes a sip of the yellow liquid.

"Of course I invite any of the Imperial forces still trying to find thier evacuation ships on the surface to join me here for a drink. No hard feelings, eh?"

She chuckles as the screen fades to black.