Annual Great Hunt Perpetuates Commitment to Citizen Safety

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Posted by: Kyran Caelius - Faction: Black Sun
Date: Year 19 Day 108 Onboard the Trading II [BSNN] Broadcast Polestar in system Malicar (94, 402).

On Year 19 Day 66 Dark Prince Jeor Knight marked the start of the annual Great Hunt, an initiative he began even before his ascendence to the Throne. As part of the Great Hunt, members of Black Sun spent a galactic standard month tracking down creatures and bandits alike across the varied terrains of Black Sun controlled space.


Building upon the recent Governance and Technology Expo, Black Sun personnel took aim at groups of bandits reportedly cropping up on several planets controlled by the Throne, demonstrating that Black Sun continues to enforce law and order in its territories to the fullest. Participants of the great hunt were also permitted to expand the scope of their hunt to the local creatures whose numbers have exceeded ecologically sustainable levels. The spoils of these creature hunts are variously sold to collectors or donated to government research. One such example is the famous ‘Cor Research & Development Concepts’ - the Aak Eyes research project undertaken by the Family Council in Year 17.

For some personnel, the Hunt marks a large part of their time on the surface of a celestial body enjoying some fresh air. There is an extensive body of research documenting the negative effects of prolonged periods of shipboard life, both mental and physical. Thus, the Great Hunt serves to keep Black Sun’s hard-working people in peak health and is an event long hailed as a masterful initiative for boosting morale and maintaining combat readiness across the whole of the Collective.

Among these now sun-soaked beings are the Naval forces of the Blades of the Forgotten Prince, some of whom spent their Hunt on the recently discovered planet Gwori, in the Clacis sector, marking the first known hunt on the planet. Early reports from the surface indicated particularly enjoyable hunting grounds in the planet’s central cave with large populations of draigons and Kintan striders and one squad reported the kill of a space slug, found hiding from the planet’s hot surface temperatures in the deep tunnels within the cave.


After roughly 30 galactic standard days, the Great Hunt came to a conclusion with Collective officials reporting a tremendously successful hunt this year, with over 3000 bandits killed across Black Sun space. The ecological efforts also saw dramatic strides with hundreds of local fauna either added to food stores or utilized to supply the Collective’s scientific endeavors. The positive effect on morale was notable as smiling squads of soldiers returned to their normal duties with another year of the Hunt now complete.