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Posted by Quehir Morinzil on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the Carrack-class Light Cruiser Lord of Chaos in system Eriadu.

The Crimson Fleet logo once again appears on your screen. It slowly fades into the image of an office building.

Behind Quehir Morinzil a huge field of occupied landing pads can be seen through the windows.

"I am pleased to announce I've safely returned.

As I promised the Galaxy earlier, the Crimson Fleet will return to active duty. To protect the Galaxy from it's monsters.

Thieves, Pirates, and other scum will be chased down by us.

Further more, we also will be providing a safe home for those who need it. The Homeless can come to us for help, and then we do our best to give them a home! And not only within our own space, but we also will try to co-operate with other groups, and governments to find a place suitable for them. Free of charge.

People of the galaxy, safe times for you will arrive soon"

The Mon Calamarian smiles and nods, and his image fades into the logo of the Crimson Fleet.