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Posted by Nereus Eruresto on Year 5 Day 275

Onboard the CR-90 Corvette TFN Hunter in system Vinsoth.

The image projected by the holodisplay fades to black. It is silent for a moment before an image of a jersey flashes on the display as loud, intense music is drowned out by the sound of pads crashing into each other. The scene goes black and silent once more before being interrupting by a brief glimpse of what appears to be a Defel dressed in a blue and gold uniform streches up to catch a holodisc in the air. The music builds up quickly and another crack is heard as a heavy opponent plows into the Defel, flipping over in the air before face-planting. The screen goes black and silent again before cutting quikly between scenes as the music builds. Sweat dripping into the scared eye of a man facing a line of fearsome opponents. A Kel Dor carrying the holodisc and he spins past a defender only to get flattened by the next. Cheering fans painted in theirfavorite teams' colors. Suddenly quick images flash of the disc-handler leaping over a pile of bodies to score, a receiver running long and making a diving catch into the scoring zone, and crowds going wild.

The screen suddenly goes black again as the music instantly silences. Letters begin to fade into existence...