Antarian Rangers send coronation gift to Emperor Vodo

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Posted by Samus Augill on Year 5 Day 176

Onboard the Sentinel Shuttle X-93 Fawkes at galactic position (113, 79).

In breaking news, today, a holo was sent to Imperial Center on Coruscant from the group known as the Antarian Rangers.

Such a bold show of defiance was unexpected from the Rangers, who up until now had been known primarily as a law enforcement agency. Rumors are circulating that leadership of the Rangers has now passed on to members of the controversial Brotherhood of the Sand.

When asked about this, an official of the Jedi Praxium had this to say, "There has been a definite change in the goals and direction of the Antarian Rangers. With a Jedi presence involved in their activities and the ideals of the Brotherhood, they will begin to accomplish operations on a scale that the Brotherhood itself could not have." The Praxium official went on to state that such strikes would become more frequent and destructive to the tyrrany of the Empire.

No statement has yet been received from Imperial Center regarding the holo or the status of the troopers pictured within.