Anti Crime Bill

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Posted by Choibacco Antaria on Year 0 Day 0
Onboard the YT-510 TR 12

Due to the overwhelming support of The Antarian Rangers Anti Crime policies in the recent days, Our diplomatic department is reopening and an Invitation for all groups wishing to discuss security measures, legalities, co-operative policies, jurisdiction, Extradition, Representation in a court of law, neutrality, and Pre-crime will commence on the discretion of Factions reps and leaders.

The following organization type are especially welcome to conduct inter company policies in an agreement of laws and codes of conduct when operations occur in their territories.

Security, Governments, Escort, Mercenary, bounty hunters and all production types.

All factions welcome to discuss any matters, even if they wish to declare they have no interest in our support. Like us , hate us or have no opinion, the choice is yours we are only there to help prosecute wanted criminals within and without your areas of space.

It is prudent to restate the basic principles of the security and police faction for galactic involvement from our Organization.

1) TAR is a nationalized faction of the Hapes Consortium and is an extra police presence within. In general terms: Mess with hapes in the cluster, you mess with us. Mess with us in the cluster you mess with hapes. This also includes all protectorates within.

2) TAR is Apolitical, as with the neutral stance within the Hapes Consortium. No operations of a political nature will be authorized or executed toward another government body.

3) TAR takes no stance between the force wielders of the galaxy and their fights of an ethereal nature. Though we do wish the 'good guys' success in their ways and long life in peace.

4) TAR works mainly on a 1 to 1 personal level of prosecution upon the receiving of cases with evidence of foul play. When any galactic citizen approaches us with evidence of theft, we will look into all evidence and their status with other organization for any aide we can offer be it advise, legal or military.

5) Crimes against members of the Rangers or the company itself will result in "active pursuit" of said designated organization or person. We take care of our own and recent events have unfolded.

6) Crimes against non government factions that support and are active allies of The Antatian Rangers from other non allied factions will result in co-operative military and legal policies.

Our codes of conduct and laws will be made public on our holotransmitter shortly as many facets of inter faction co-operations, deputisation and jurisdiction are being ironed out.

Report a crime: Any crimes committed toward your person or faction we are now case building. Please supply all evidence (logs, witnesses, IDs and locations etc) and submit to TAR.

Recruitment: Those wishing to enter the services of The Antarian Rangers Security forces and consider themselves incorruptible of spirit, Just of mind and strong in skill we are still hiring for the expansive Navy, AR Police Department and Special operations branches.

More can be found at our Message centre:

and our holostation (underconst)

Late News: Our sympathies go to Haven for the recent grand theft of assets, please contact us if you require our services.