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Posted by Choibacco Antaria on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the Acclamator Assault Ship ARN Black Star in system

On board one of the several newly commissioned and retrofitted ARN Acclimators, The Commissioner of the Antarian Rangers lets out a laugh at the recent posts at "attempted" undermining of the noble work of the police and investigation group by a mere child. Sending a text message as not to openly laugh at the on camera, the following message is sent via holocom.

To: Young Ethan Stone

Thank you for your attempted grandstanding by sending such a colorful message to the public. I understand you could not reach the control of the holocommunicator and had to have your babysitter send it for you.

No dont fear, The Antarian Rangers do not prosecute kiddies, Im sure your Home schooled teacher nannydroid can explain the bigger words to you with a various assortment of puppets right after nap time. We do not have plans for a youth detention center as our ever expanding membership has real work to do.

We have consulted with our medical technician and hes has prescribed the following. 1) Less intake of red jawajuice 2) make a friend and if that fails again get a pet. 3) get lots of sunshine and batha milk

Please accept the toy ray gun and plastic badge we are couriering to you via intergalactic transport.

with happy smiles, elbow macarroni and glitter

Uncie Choib

end message