Anzat Apprehends Wanted Criminal

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Posted by: Soki Ionian - Organization: Anzatan Commonwealth

Date: Year 10 Day 268 Onboard the Namana-class Light Cruiser Eros at galactic position (45, -85) on Year 10 Day 268 12:53.


Notorious criminal and wife of Black Sun Regent Owen von Ismay, Caitiri (Ja`Brai) von Ismay was apprehended by the Anzatan Commonwealth and taken into custody earlier today. The current leader of Turner Securities Limited, a venture started between Owen von Ismay and then friend Michael Turner, has been on the run for several months after stealing millions of credits from the already struggling company, Cerberus Corporation. After her appointment as Chief Executive Officer, Caitiri von Ismay placed her former colleague Hoss Banne as second in command of the Corporation, having just recently left the New Republic on bad terms. The Chief Executive Officer's prime choice as her right hand promptly embezzled as much as he could from the struggling company, helping himself to droids, factories, and credits as well as valuable piles of raw materials. Shortly after citizens donated credits to their corporation, while other law abiding sentients of the galaxy returned stolen property, Caitiri herself made off with the rest of Cerberus' treasury before being removed from her duties. She also attempted and failed to kidnap Queen Keishi Miahr's only son and heir, Rasi Miahr. Since these acts she has embarked on a campaign of harassment and slander. These efforts have culminated in a futile attempt to incite turmoil within the Commonwealth as well as failed plots to assassinate the Queen.

In addition to these acts, Caitiri von Ismay actively supported Bunres Voflis as he pilfered significant assets from Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks, another Commonwealth owned company. In a message to the Queen, Caitiri bragged about her personal flag ship, given to her after being stolen by Voflis, a Kaloth Battle Cruiser provocatively named Ismay's Revenge. Caitiri von Ismay excused their actions, stating that the Anzatan Commonwealth owes substantial sums of money to House Ismay as repayment for a loan from Wilhelm von Ismay. However, neither side has any record of such a debt, and so it has been discounted as a poor attempt at forming a legitimate excuse for numerous substantial thefts and slanderous acts.


Flimsiplast Transcripts of the Aforementioned Correspondence

This arrest came about due to a recent schism in the infamous Black Sun crime syndicate. Vigo Magnus Plaga defected from the organisation, the first Vigo to ever turn against the "family", taking with him vast fortunes. Meanwhile his wife, Natsuki Haines-Plaga, kidnapped Caitiri von Ismay, trapping her on board a Namana-class light cruiser. Haines-Plaga, encountering complications in the execution of her plot, contacted Commonwealth intelligence assets and offered to turn over the wanted criminal. After emergency discussions among the Commonwealth's leadership the offer was accepted and military resources were dispatched from Anzat.

The event itself happened earlier today and was carried out by the Commonwealth's Minister of Defence and Master Jedi Soki Ionian, escorted by Royal Marine Commandos. The fugitive was subdued through subtle use of the Force to ensure no harm came to her, or her unborn children. Despite the Queen's wishes to keep the arrest as quick and free of trauma as possible due to her concern for the babies, stun cuffs were later required to halt the uncontrollable flow of obscenities, death threats, and racial slurs spewing from the criminal's mouth.

Critics of the Anzatan Commonwealth may claim that this arrest violates a Non-Aggression Pact they hold with the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, however Caitiri von Ismay had her citizenship revoked as soon as the Federation discovered she was a thief, and Turner Securities Limited has of yet not been added to the pact with the Anzatan Commonwealth. Since the initial post by the Federation, their stance has changed to a suspension pending further investigation. During a private conversation with a representative for the Commonwealth, a spokesperson for the Federation, informed the Commonwealth that, "Theft is still theft," and such behaviour is not tolerated within their Federation. No statement has been released as to what the fate of the Regent's wife is, but internal media speculate justice to be carried out privately and swiftly.

Minister Ionian provided a brief statement to select members of the media immediately following the operation. While video of the statement has not been released to the general public, citing security concerns, senior officials state the Minister was broadcasting from the bridge of the Namana cruiser and members of the elite Royal Marines were seen escorting a belligerent and visibly pregnant Ismay out of camera range in the background. "I am pleased to report the successful apprehension of wanted criminal Caitiri von Ismay. I would like to thank the Royal Anzatan Navy and Marines for their loyal and sharp response. The limited time and fluid nature of this operation proved their level of training and professionalism is among the finest in the Galaxy. I would also like to express my appreciation to Natsuki Haines-Plaga who, at great peril to her own safety, took it upon herself to bring Lady von Ismay to justice. Crimes committed against the Commonwealth will not be overlooked, and their perpetrators will be brought to justice. May the Force be with us all in these times of turmoil, especially the children in Caitiri's womb." Unconfirmed rumours indicate the Queen, a Master Force Healer, personally visited von Ismay after she was secured aboard an Anzatan Naval vessel to ensure the health of both her and her children.

This is among the first public actions taken by the Commonwealth since its change of power demonstrating that tyrrany may no longer preside over the Government, but criminals will neither be tolerated nor left to their own devices.


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