Anzat System lockdown

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Posted by Eberk Talor on Year 5 Day 204

Onboard the Guardian-class Medium Cruiser AOS Physsi in system Anzat.

In a guardain in orbit of anzat, an officer his early twentys with brown hair, a rugged face and a sly grin, still wearing his flight suit from recently coming aboard. Leaning back slowly in a chair while watching the system, fingering the small circle of gold on his spacesuit, marking him out as a Sub Lieutenant of the Navy. Peering through the Guardain's main viewport, he watches as a partol of ships and other defensive measures go about their buisness of keeping the system safe from harm. And at that moment the door to the cockpit opens with a creak, admitting a young women who makes her way over to the chair he is sitting in. The young women speaks: "Sub Lieutenant Eberk, the Prime Minister wishes to know the status report of the Anzat system." Spinning around slowly in his chair, he looks up at the women "Thank you Cadet Yin, please prepare the transmitter to his ship." He lifts himself out of the chair slowly, while Yin moves over to the transmitter, keying in the Prime Ministers locations. After she was done, Eberk looked into the transmitter and starts to speak, smiling. "All is well, Prime Minister wolfstar. There has been a peaceful transition of all planets in citites in the Anzat system, their support behind us entirly." Raising a hand to his mouth, he clears his throat and continues. "I have made personal checks of all defenses in the system, and the fighters are doing their daily patrols as expected, including matience done to the orbital cannons, as requested. Everything is perfectly fine here, with the people egerly waiting your return. This is Sub Lieutenant. Ebrek Talor, reporting and signing out." Tapping the button on the transmitter, he dismisses Yin and sits back down in the chair, turning it back around to look into the deep reaches of space. Rubbing his chin with a hand in thought before wheeling over to the guardain's main controll panel, only to key the transmitter again, to all freqances in the Anzat system, too all patrolling ships. "This is Sub Lieutentant Ebrek Talor speaking, and it will hereby be ordered that all ships and are not Anzati or under the governments ownership are to be impounded and then returned to their owners when they pick them up to leave. That is all." Mumbling to himself as he taps the button again, he looks out the viewport to see them already at work, blue flashes of ion cannons going through space. Sitting back in the chair, he closes his eyes for a moment before looking back down at the planet of anzat.