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Posted by: Vaas Dae`skal - Faction: Sun Guard
Date: Year 14 Day 239 Onboard the Arquitens Light Cruiser Payne in system Denhui (50, 180).

Underground Imperial News Network, Coruscant--Sentients across the galaxy were surprised earlier this week when the infamous Pirate organization known as Eidola captured the second highest-ranking member of The Galactic Empire. The news quickly spread from both the Imperial home world of Coruscant and the Cha Raab system, dissipating political intrigue and rumors across the galaxy. How could the Executor have acted so foolishly and let himself be captured by Eidola? Just how had Eidola acted so cunning and deceitfully enough to capture the Executor? Was the Executor purposely left vulnerable, or was this just the greatest and most recent Imperial blunder? Or does this signify a new age of expansion and pillaging for Eidola? These were just a few of the questions that lingered in the minds of trillions across the galaxy.

Yet what many might think was just simply a kidnapping of the highest caliber, is more then likely a much more complicated--and corrupt--series of events that were cleverly orchestrated to cover up an even greater conspiracy. There are many theories regarding the true actions surrounding the events that are currently circulating among the many intelligence agencies in the galaxy, yet there is one theory that stands out as the most probable.


While it may not be common knowledge to the galaxy-at-large, it is known that Executor Seele once worked for Imperial Intelligence under the codename "The Patrician." During which time, and as it is seemingly common for members of Imperial Intelligence, he made many connections with less then reputable members of galactic society. His affiliations and personal attachments with the criminally corrupt organizations of Black Sun and Eidola can be deduced from both recent galactic events and declassified Imperial reports. Some speculate that the recent capture and subsequent ransom of the Executor was in reality an elaborate cover for the transfer of highly restricted technology to Eidola in exchange for under the table agreements for support. While Black Sun is currently a member of The Imperial Union and is already being supported with Imperial technology, this recent covert maneuver by The Empire would allow it to gain another ally in its fight against the Galactic Alliance, while still being able to publicly maintain its stance against piracy.

Why else would the Executor, the second highest-ranking member of The Galactic Empire, be so easily captured by Eidola? Imperial Law forbids its members from trading and associating with known pirates and enemies of The Empire, so why was the Executor so blatantly breaking the law and order that he proclaims to uphold? It seems questionable that Imperial Intelligence recently removed the warrant for the and arrest and execution of the Eidolan pirate known as "Syn" just before the capture of the Executor, and it seems more questionable still that it has not been re-issued. Why would the Emperor be so willing to transfer so significant a military asset--even more so now that the Empire is unable to build more in the immediate future--to a publicly declared enemy?


Many political scientists and government officials across the galaxy are in agreement that at the very least the Executor should be charged with treason for his association with enemies of The Empire and for brining about this catastrophic blow to Imperial prestige and morale. Rather, it is more then likely that no significant charges may be levied against him, and Imperial propaganda will attempt to cover up his incompetence and blatantly clear corruption. Regardless of what The Empire or Eidola might say in the coming days, it is undoubtedly clear that there is more to the recent events then either party would have the galaxy believe.

The corruption in The Empire goes much deeper then many expect, and all one needs to do to discover it is to take a tumble down the womp rat hole. This report has been prepared for the galaxy by a group of loyal Imperials within The Galactic Empire who oppose the blatant corruption within the Imperial High Command and the shameful disregard for Imperial Ideals. If this corruption is not dealt with, if the Executor is not properly punished for his incompetence,and if the Empire does not cut ties with the criminal organizations of Black Sun and Eidola, another Imperial Civil War will occur in order to purify the Empire.

Long live The Empire!

-This message, though delivered through Sun Guard, does not reflect the opinions or beliefs of Sun Guard or its members.-