Ascension of Piett

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Your Holonet connection automatically springs to life.

Sitting behind an ornate wooden desk, you see an Imperial officer obscured by shadows. When he speaks, you seem to recognize the voice but can't quite place it. "Citizens of the Empire, it has been a productive day. Hasn't it?" A knowing smile grows across his face.

"Today, we have seen the resignation of Spytek amid the tide rising against him. It has also seen those who covet the throne turn on each other and the Empire like scavengers in an attempt to capture leadership for themselves. Earlier today, those forces supporting Surface Marshal Connel engaged those of Fleet Admiral Veynom over Coruscant."

The officers's image is replaced by that of a fierce space battle blazing high over Coruscant. Dozens of Star Destroyers and thousands more smaller ships and fighters exchange deadly fire. Space is littered with hulking wrecks and smoldering debris as the two opposing forces struggle for supremacy.

Suddenly, a wall of Lancer Class Frigates, Carrack Cruisers, and other escort vessels drop out of hyperspace a short distance from the battle. Then, Victory and Imperial Star Destroyers appear behind their escorts. Finally, the Super Star Destroyer Fury appears out of hyperspace in perfect formation. TIEs spill out of the newly arrived ships to spearhead the fleet as they engage BOTH Veynom's and Connel's forces. Within minutes, the SSD Fury and her fleet fly victorious over Coruscant.

The image returns to the shadowy officer behind the desk. "Veynom and Connel both surrendered to me within minutes of when my fleet entered the battle. They were in no position to oppose me after fighting each other." Grand Admiral Piett leans forward into the light. "I AM NOW EMPEROR! All Imperial forces are mine to command! All hostilities are to come to an immediate end! I will not waste my precious military on a senseless civil war." Piett gives a signal with his hand. Two more Imperial officers enter the picture, standing at attention on either side of him. You recognize them as Surface Marshal Connel and Fleet Admiral Veynom.

Connel speaks, "All forces loyal to me are hereby ordered to cease fire. We serve Emperor Piett now."

Veynom follows suit, "The civil war is over. Hail Emperor Piett!"

Make no mistake - I rule the galaxy! Beings of the galaxy will bend to my will or be exterminated! All that oppose me shall be destroyed!

Of course, as ruthless as I am to my enemies, I am equally generous to those who are loyal. The Imperial war machine is hungry! Industries of the galaxy that serve me by manufacturing Imperial ships, vehicles, and equipment will be well paid. Bounty Hunters that bring me the heads of wanted criminals will be rewarded. Informants with news of my enemies will be compensated. In short, my servants will become rich while my enemies will die. The choice is yours.

There will be many changes forthcomming. For the time being, here are my commands:

  1. Surface Marshal Connel shall remain commander of my Imperial Army.
  2. Fleet Admiral Veynom shall take over my former position as commander of my Imperial Navy and is promoted to Grand Admiral.
  3. All other officers shall remain at their current posts until notified otherwise.
  4. LtCol Kiie - you will no longer admit any of the alien vermin into my Empire!!!
  5. War Lord Vodo - double your efforts to find any traitors in our midst. There are bound to be some after today's events. I love a good hanging!

Maniacal laughter seems to echo throughout the galaxy as your new master fades away from the holonet connection.