Asleep at the Wheel

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Posted at Year 4 Day 316
By: Phryss Zarlock -- Jedi Praxium


While it is well known that the Galactic Empire has rapidly spiraled downward since the departure of the revered Emperor Charon, never has the evidence been more obvious. Just earlier this standard week, a number of interesting facts were uncovered about this former galactic superpower.

The Empire has recently been approaching a substantial number of individuals in order to recruit men and women to pilot its vast array of unmanned vessels in the once intimidating Imperial Navy. Among these are a large number of defectors, traitors, and former Imperials which the Empire itself has previously placed bounties on.

In a rare interview with an officer currently serving in one of these fleets so desperate for members that they recruit their own enemies, it was revealed that much of the Navy suffers from dangerously low morale, likely a byproduct of the now deserted Naval fleets and the removal of Charon. Apparently very few Imperials have even heard from their new leader in several months. The officer was quoted as admitting that he would not give his life for the inactive pretender, Count Uebles, and that he only remains an Imperial because he feels he does not fit in anyplace else.

To all Imperials who echo the feelings of this officer, the Jedi Praxium wishes to let them know that there is a safe place for them among its ranks. The Praxium is well known for harboring former Imperials of the highest caliber, Vice Admiral OVERMIND, former Commanding Officer of the Imperial Navy and the most decorated Naval officer of all time, and Director Phryss Zarlock, former Bureau Chief of Imperial Intelligence and head of the Imperial Ministry of Diplomacy, among them.

Other interviews with a number of individuals acquainted with the Falleen Federation brought to light the ongoing attempt to seize an Imperator-class Star Destroyer, the Shadowstone, from the remains of the Galactic Empire, aided by yet another high-ranking defector. All crew members of the star destroyer in Beta system who elected not to surrender were successfully eliminated, and Siather Det'aan of the Imperial Security Bureau was nearly captured, when the Empire finally grew aware of the situation and shipped the last of its active Sith, Darth Knyte, to the scene in one final desperate attempt to prevent further damages.

This is by far not the only embarrassment which the Empire has endured. Recently, another group captured the Victory class Star Destroyer formerly known as the Dauntless, once the flagship of the mighty 2nd Assault Fleet. Witnesses report that Imperial High Command is currently seeking intervention from outside sources in order to recapture their vessel, unable to handle their problems on their own. The inability of the Galactic Empire to protect and defend its own vessels and the space it claims to control could not possibly be more pronounced than in these times.

As though that evidence were not sufficient to prove that the Empire truly is no longer a threat to the now free galaxy, Lieutenant Eric Jackson of the Jedi Praxium, one of those upon whom the Empire placed a bounty some time ago, recently arrived at Kessel, openly announcing his intentions to the Galactic Empire itself ahead of time. What he discovered upon his arrival was no less than astonishing.

Kessel, once well known and feared as the Imperial prison planet, now remains a mere shadow of its former self with minimal defenses and not a single Imperial or guard present. Taking a stroll through the spice mines, Lieutenant Jackson found them to be completely deserted. There was clear evidence that all the former prisoners had successfully escaped months ago, a fact likely related to the severe shortage of personnel resulting from the mass defections after Count Uebles seized the throne. Not a single Imperial vessel was present within the system, which is hardly surprising considering how thinly spread the Imperial Navy already is in attempting to man only a few small fleets with only a handful of officers.

With the Galactic Empire officially out of the picture as a galactic superpower, questions arise as to whether someone will take their place in striking fear into the heart of the galaxy, or whether the galaxy will continue to remain free under the Rebel Alliance.