Assassination Attempt on Riviera Medical Leader

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Posted by Ezekiel on Year 5 Day 333

Onboard the Bulk Freighter Mining Squad - 1 in system Quelii.

A woman with a stern look on her face appears on the screen. She does not appear to be a member or representative of Riviera Medical, but instead, a reporter from the GNS. She holds the microphone close to her mouth as she begins to speak. "Hello. I am Laura Chesworth and I am on Dathomir where it is rumoured Ezekiel, the leader of Riviera Medical is being kept in hospital after an incident during a public speaking event. Ezekiel was talking about Riviera's future plans for medical science when he was attacked by a Noghri, who pulled out a vibro-blade swiping Ezekiel across the face, causing serious injury and knocking him out, before Titanes Keano interfered punching the Noghri in the head sending him into a pile of rocks. Titanes then pulled out his bowcaster emptying a quarrel into the Noghri's body before attending to Ezekiel.

The Noghri, who currently remains unnamed, is believed to be contracted by a rival medical company to take out Ezekiel, Riviera's leading man. The following photograph has been sent to the GNS of moments after Ezekiel was attacked.

It is believed he was rushed straight into the local hospital on Dathomir where he is being worked on by Riviera doctors. No-one from Riviera has been to speak with us yet, but one of our spies, working in the hospital has released the following image.

We currently have no more news on this matter until we hear off Riviera's second in command, Titanes Keano."

Suddenly, a large Wookiee comes running from the hospital waving his arms frantically in the air. He grabs hold of the camera and tries to throw it to the floor but the camera man pulls it away just in time.

"Titanes", Laura says quickly trying to calm him down, "Can we just have a few words with you?" Titanes looks at Laura for a few minutes before he decides to calm down and speak with her. "Thank you, so, what is happening with Riviera Medical now?" The wookiee begins to roar but it dies down as a translation of what he is trying to say is playing instead.

"I will be taking charge of Riviera Medical while Ezekiel is in hospital. And a full investigation into who did this will be launched."

The woman looks at him before asking, "Do you believe it to be a rival medical company such as Biotech, LMC or Zaltin?" Titanes roars again before the translation comes up, "No. We believe this was nothing to do with Riviera but was a personal assault on Ezekiel and his past."

The woman looks confused. "What about his past? He was unknown until he launched Riviera."

"His past is none of your business, now move along". Titanes walks off before Laura appears back on the screen to end the transmission.

"Well, there we have it. That is all we have on this story but we will keep you updated as events unravel." Laura looks into the camera as it suddenly fades black and the Riviera Medical logo appears before returning to the adverts.

A Rather scantily dressed woman appears on the screen wearing just a thong. It zooms in on the logo and a cheesy voice says "Keir Santage Memorial Thongs - Available in white".