Assassination attempt on leader of Alissma foiled

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Hacked by Zarthra Zoid on Year 15 Day 18
Location Unknown

Assassination attempt on leader of Alissma foiled

A press conference becomes apparent on your comlink relayed through Zarthra Zoid on behalf of Kuro Neko.


I am Ruetsavii Kuro Neko, Steward of Alissma and servant of Ara. Members of Alissma, citizens of Shadola, and to the faithful of Ara, I stand before you today by the grace of Ara, very much alive.

You may have heard rumours about my death, and the attempt to destroy a group aligned with Alissma, The Mandroxan Cartel, by the goat-girl Minerva Umgee. We are still ascertaining all the facts, but it appears as if Umgee, one whom we took in and offered sanctuary to, has turned against us. Turned against us, but failed.

Umgee and a band of hired killers ambushed me yesterday afternoon, while I was touring the shielded planet Skeebo giving alms to the poor. Needless to say, I survived the attempt on my life. My injuries are slight, and I expect to make a full recovery.

As a member of The Mandroxan Cartel security forces Umgee was recently authorised to use lethal force in peace keeping duties against enemies of Alissma. However, Umgee did not have access to the planet Skeebo, and we are investigating how Umgee was able to land on the surface. Citizens of Shadola, your safety is our prime concern and we ask you to be vigilant. Security is now being tightened on all Alissma planets, and throughout the Shadola sector.

Having failed in her attempt to kill me, Umgee then proceeded to try and destroy The Mandroxan Cartel. Umgee used her position in The Mandroxan Cartel to undermine the finances of the group, but again failed in this. The damage to the Mandroxan Cartel is slight and it will make a full recovery.

Upon discovering the attempt on my life and the plan to destroy The Mandroxan Cartel its leader, Lord Commander Zarthra Zoid, tracked Umgee to the edge of the Skeebo system and at great risk to his own life boarded Umgee's ship to apprehend her for questioning. Zoid began interrogating Umgee on his own ship, but Umgee escaped back to her ship and immediately went into hyper-drive fleeing to an unknown destination.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Umgee, or information about her and her co-conspirators, are requested to contact myself or Lord Commander Zoid. Do not, I repeat, do not approach her directly.

May the grace of Ara go with you, and his vengeance be wrought upon our enemies.