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Astaroth logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Lazarus Kell
2IC Dylan Rainwind
Owner Krath Dynasty
Historical Information
Founded Year 6 Day 310
Dissolved Year 16 Day 266
Political Information
Affiliation Krath Dynasty
Industry Mining company
Holosite Astaroth

Astaroth is the mining arm of the Krath Dynasty and supplies all the raw materials that are needed for the various projects around the southern end of the galaxy controlled by the Krath. Its men, women and other sentients work hard to ensure that only the optimum veins of material are mined, ensuring the quality of the supplies are at a premium.

With massive cargo haulers plowing the empty space between mines and storage, huge mines burying deep into the planets crust, and a workforce of thousands keeping everything moving day in and day out, the operations of Astaroth are huge to say the least.

Many stories are said about the hard working operatives of Astaroth, and many say that if you want the job done well, you had better call in their people lest you loose half your deposit. But in the end, people just have to make up their own minds.


Astaroth Mining Corporation was founded in the year 6 day 209, by baron Hawk. Originally based to mine the Sumitra Sector, the baron quickly utilized all it’s power to rise to a good position in the mining industry. Through the use of blackmail and corruption of bureaucratic officials, he was able to establish Astaroth as a powerhouse of influence. Many believed that Astaroth itself might have been a cover for more deceitful things happening behind closed doors. Rumor had it that he also used the company to exploit other businesses.

When Astaroth no longer appeased his growing needs, he then sold it to an unknown buyer. In the time after, Astaroth began to decline in both popularity and power. Without the leadership of Lodger, the company was lost. Rapidly descending in economic strength, it was sold several times, to several different people. So many times in fact, that the previous owners themselves had forgotten about Astaroth altogether. As it passed through several bad hands, it greatly depreciated in value, and was nearing dissolution itself.

With Astaroth completely unorganized and breaking into pieces, it was soon sought out by a young ambitious Hapan, called Frezt Acoma. Frezt was very adept with business knowledge, and quickly turned the company around. Not only increasing it’s assets and value, but it’s power as well. Moving Astaroth’s headquarters into the Minos Cluster, Frezt soon re-established the company as an economic powerhouse, spreading it’s influence throughout the galaxy.

Although known as a mining corporation, it’s actual dealing are still shrouded in mystery. Rumors still spread about the corruptive influence that Astaroth holds over several political officials from all around the galaxy. Many speculate that some of Frezt's investors themselves have dealings with both piracy and thievery in many spots in the known universe. Astaroth itself has even been rumoured to be a haven for unknown religious followers, loyal to the economic strategies the organization is known for. Rumour goes that Frezt Acoma is in fact family of the famous Mystiel Raleigh, Krath lord. But it is thanks to this economic policy and influence that has allowed Astaroth to once again retain it's foothold in, not only the mining corporations, but multiple business sectors throughout the galaxy.

As Astaroth grew under the banner of the Krath Dynasty, corruption took hold of the senior leadership. The official leader retreated from public life, leaving his second in command to run the organization. Given power so quickly, this executive officer quickly began enriching himself in a privileged position where no-one but himself and the leader could observe his actions. Under the guise of performing construction operations, the officer enriched himself to the tune of facilities making 50million credits per month, stockpiling raw materials and quietly making over key assets. By year 16, he had secured his income, sold himself cheap materials to fund his shipbuilding obsession and launched several phony group initiatives to mask his intentions. Near the end of Year 15, the first of several economic investigations occured and found clear evidence of his corruption. While initial charges were dropped in exchange for mending his ways, this officer, Xpofer Tomas, continued to embezzle and steal all the while wreaking havoc among the ruling echelons of the councils of the Krath.

His operations starting to be revealed, the criticism increased along with new demands, demands to join the highest council of the Krath, to get information on all dealings with other allies and putting forward new packages for members. He also began shutting down operations, such as closing material sales to public, stopping reporting and releasing a wave fo propaganda. Finally, in year 16 Tomas was removed along with the official leader on the grounds of corruption and theft. They failed to report for his trial, failed to provide a defence, failed to accept counsel or even provide evidence in his defence. Lazarus Kell, advisor to the Ruling Council, took the leader position, while training a trustworthy officer for his future replacement. Despite the Dynasty imposing all the sanctions it could on Tomas - including cutting power to his income sources, impounding assets and offering settlements, the issue remains unresolved to this day.

Astaroth has suffered under Tomas despite his active construction and the imposed economic measures by the Dynasty to make it a strong player. Under Lazarus Kell Astaroth has returned to its roots - profitable operation without subsidy for the benefit of members of the Krath Alliance.

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