Attention Sphinx and theives

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Posted by Isoldor Storm on Year 5 Day 294

Onboard the Battle Dragon HRS Ascendancy in system Lorell.

This just in from Storm Securities HQ. Today in a plot to make Sphinx pay for crimes committed against Storm Securities when he stole all the assets owned by them. Jax Karrde and Isoldor Storm set up a deal with Sphinx Tulon, Former Xo Of StormSec.

When questioned Isoldor Storm had this to say, "Sphinx I know this comes to you as a hard blow, but you had it coming. Never cross a Storm and not expect to pay. Now I offer you this. Return all the Squadrons of Fighters you sold and your Carrack will be returned to you. Until then, this Carrack will stay in impound. And all you thieves, we want you to know as well, we are always watching you. You are not as free and clear as you think you are."

That was all he would say and that is the end of this Broadcast. We thank you For Viewing.