Aurora Technologies

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Aurora Technologies
Aurora Technologies Logo Year 12.png
General Information
Motto "Building the Ships of the Future, Today!"
Status Active
Leader Senki Blackrain
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 200
Political Information
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Aurora Technologies


Once a prosperous and famed conglomerate of companies, Aurora Technologies had reached the pinnacle of its success. Dismantled and taken apart, many thought that the name 'Aurora' would be gone forever, but Black Sun deemed it worthy of rebirth. Under new leadership, Aurora Technologies has been raised from the ashes of destruction in order to create a new age of technological advancements, ship construction, and management of shipyards. Aurora Tech now under new leadership and no longer under the Black Sun Banner sits as a neutral company building ships for the future.

Trained professionals from all over the galaxy hand picked for their expertise have reconvened in Xappyh, Aurora Technologies' main Sector of operations, in order to bring the sentients of today the best services possible, shooting past what the old conglomerate could ever do. Even though much has changed within Aurora, it has become more prosperous than ever before. Some things have stayed the same, and that is their motto and promise to the galaxy, 'Building the Ships of the Future, Today!'


  • Aurora Technologies Banner Year 12.png (Year 12)