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Posted by Kosh Naranek on Year 5 Day 196

Onboard the YT-2000 Ebon Hawk at galactic position (66, 50).

What do you want from your job? Your career? Your life? Everyone knows how much your choice of job affects your quality of life.

So what would your ideal job do for you?

Provide you with a ship of top quality to use at your leisure, provided you fulfil all work duties.

Pay you a salary which means you can make the most of all the galaxy can offer.

Surround you with colleagues who are friendly, easy-going and up for a good time.

Have you work with a boss who is open and understanding.

Give you the confidence of working for a long-established company which is one of the leaders in it's field.

Exist in an environment where individuality and new ideas are always welcomed.

Give you the freedom to work in an area which you feel suits you, your abilities and your choice.

Provide many chances for promotion, without the pressure to advance if you are happy where you are.

Automatically give a 50, 000 credit bonus to members after their first 3 months with the company.

Impossible, right? Not necessarily.

At Aurora Technologies, our employees enjoy all these benefits throughout their entire time with us, however long or short that may be. We are currently on the look out for interested members of the galaxy who would like to work in ship production, security (space and ground forces), diplomacy, transport, research and development, marketing, and personnel relations. So whatever it is you want to do, chances are we want you to do it for us.

If you think Aurora Technologies can give you want you want from your job, contact me on ICQ 50717732, or email at to discuss the range of possiblities. I look forward to welcoming the talents of the galaxy to our company.

Lady Acria Xinge Dur'aak

Senior Vice President of Affairs

Aurora Technologies