Aurora Technologies Announces Product Line

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Posted by Kosh Naranek on Year 5 Day 191)

Onboard the L-500 Space Liner Black Star at galactic position (371, -11).

A young human female walks up to a podium and turns to face a large group of reporters. She raises her hands for silence, and once given, she speaks.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am here to announce that CEO Kosh Naranek has announced the latest product line for Aurora Technologies. The full might of our production facilities will be put to work manufacturing these fine ships and distributing them to the galaxy. We are now producing the Marauder-class Corvette, Jumpmaster 5000, and the Y-Wing. We are also offering replacement escape pods as well as repairs and modifications. You can preview details of these products are our holosite.

We are now also taking orders for these fine products. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, contact CEO Kosh Naranek immediately. Your orders will be placed on a list in the exact order they are recieved.

Aurora Technologies is Building the Future, Today.