Aurora Technologies Responds to the Common Thief

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Posted by Kosh Naranek on Year 5 Day 183

Onboard the L-500 Space Liner Black Star at galactic position (72, 50).

In response to Teniel Djo's message to the galaxy, Duke Kosh Naranek, Owner and now CEO of Aurora Technologies, released a press statement outlining his thoughts on the matter.

"It would seem that the common thief enjoys praising herself in the eyes of others. This in itself tells me much about her. As for her recent theft of my company's funds, I do not deny it, nor have I tried to hide the fact. It is not something I am embarrased about. The method in which she has acquired her ill gotten gains is quite simple. She waited for my eyes to be turned to other matters, and used the naivety and gullibility of my inexperienced, but loyal servant. She promised him quick wealth to add to my treasuries, and he lept at the chance to prove himself. He is guilty for not paying attention to matters of the galaxy and not knowing her past. For this, he has been repremanded. And I am guilty for leaving my operations in the hands of one so young. However, she took only a portion of Aurora Technologies' true wealth, and it is a small loss. Teniel Djo, do you truly think that I would leave all of my wealth in one location? You have made yourself a little richer, and for that, I commend you. Sneaking through the shadows and striking when your opponent is not watching is also commendable, for your occupation.

However, I urge you to caution. You have readily admitted that you have stolen from so many, and you have not tried to hide your actions in these crimes. This has brought you many enemies, and each of them seek your destruction. You may posses much wealth and power now, but nothing ever lasts. Sooner or later, they will find you, and when they do, you will find that you have no friends to turn to. It is better to win friends and influence enemies, than to burn every bridge behind you. As I said to you when you stole from me, it is a small loss, and one that I will recoup quickly. But do not steal from me or mine again. It would be a mistake you would quickly regret. As it is now, I suggest that I, nor my people, ever lay eyes on you. Keep to the shadows young one, for they are your only remaining friends. Or are they?