Bacta Bandit Caught

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Hacked by: Eleonore Silvermoon - Faction: New Republic
Date: Year 18 Day 360 Location Unknown

RNN Headquarters, REPUBLICA -- In a press release from Republic News Network, New Republic Intelligence confirms a report by Mecrosa Order Security Forces concerning the whereabouts of Han Ballooga. After a struggle with security forces Ballooga received a fatal wound and died shortly thereafter. Mecrotica has declined to collect any credits from the warrant that was announced days before and allowed for NRI agents to bring Ballooga’s body back to New Republic space.


Shortly after the news of his warrant for various charges by New Republic authorities, Han Ballooga had fled to Mecrosa space to reportedly undergo a medical cybernetic procedure. Concerned by the charges of theft against him, Mecrosa Order Security Forces elevated security protocols to ensure safety of their facilitates and employees. Upon arrival, Mr. Ballooga was immediately escorted to an awaiting transport. During transit, Ballooga became agitated and the situation escalated to a physical altercation. In the process of attempting to restrain him, Ballooga was able to get a hold of a side arm and security personnel had to use lethal force to prevent him from doing additional harm.

New Republic Intelligence Director Adam Hughes reported that his office was contacted and informed immediately following the incident by Mecrosa Conglomerate’s Chief Communications Officer Alysia Kain. At the time of this report, Mecrotica is organizing the transfer of Ballooga’s body into New Republic Intelligence custody. Director Hughes would go on to state that Ballooga’s body will be officially identified by his next of kin prior to being handed over for funeral proceedings.

Chief Executive Officer of Mecrotica, Dac Kain, made this statement to RNN staff, "Mecrotica is deeply saddened by these events and the unavoidable use of deadly force in this incident. The safety of all our employees is our utmost concern and we are relieved that no-one else was injured."

At this time, the whereabouts of Ballooga’s hostages, Kor Lev, Widge McQuilkan, and Rick Abner, are still unknown. New Republic Intelligence assures that the investigation and operation to locate and secure their return will continue.