Bacta Bandit Evades Being Bound

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Hacked by: Eleonore Silvermoon - Faction: New Republic
Date: Year 18 Day 352 Onboard the MC-80b Star Cruiser NRS Radiant in system Koiogra (311, -226).

RNN Headquarters, REPUBLICA quot; As of Year 18 Day 332 Han Ballooga is wanted by the New Republic (NR) for Grand Theft of New Republic Property, Destruction of New Republic Property, Kidnapping, Blackmail/Extortion and Membership of a Subversive Group.


During investigation into the whereabouts of another New Republic citizen, New Republic Intelligence seemed to unwittingly startle another subversive individual. Han Ballooga, a brown haired, Corellian male, worked for Republic Medical for the past 10 months. There was no investigation into his activities until ties from the other suspect were discovered.

Under Adam Hughes’ leadership, NRI quickly launched a mission to secure vital New Republic Technology and prevent it falling into the hands of Han Ballooga, who had managed to obtain a number of entities already.


During a raid to stop further theft and possibly capture the assailant, it became apparent that Mr. Ballooga was already on the run with whatever he was able to grab in time.

Shortly afterwards NRI was informed that Mr. Ballooga had entered a Hospital operated by Republic Medical and kidnapped the comatose former Medical Academy Headmaster Kor Lev and COO Widge McQuilkan from their beds before making his way to a Sprint-Class Rescue Craft nearby, which was also transporting the retired Republic Medical member Rick Abner.


Along with these three captives, we have been informed that Mr. Ballooga had obtained access to a ship transporting Starfighters that were stolen years ago, but still remained under the control of the New Republic.

Mr. Ballooga has demanded the fighters be made-over for the release of the hostages. During ongoing negotiations New Republic officials had requested the hostages be released unharmed, however this was not complied with. Instead of cooperating, further attempts of blackmail and extortion against the New Republic were made.

Claims of contradictory nature made by Han Ballooga about his own allegiance are reoccurring, and with his violent escalation prior the negotiations, the public is warned that Han Ballooga may be mentally unstable.

At this time every effort is being made to ensure the release of the hostages. NRI is continuing its investigation and attempts to locate and rescue the hostages while capturing the perpetrators of these vicious crimes. We have been informed, that the New Republic Intelligence Service appreciates any information on the whereabouts of Han Ballooga or the stolen assets. Officials asked to contact Director Adam Hughes or Deputy Director Eleonore Silvermoon with such information.

Additionally, under the newly revised warrant system, NRI is offering a warrant for the arrest of Han Ballooga with a 100,000,000 credits bounty to be made over upon the handover of the wanted criminals to the custody of NRI.