Baktoid Combat Automata submits a formal announcement

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Posted by Draith Shadux on Year 5 Day 239

Onboard the YV-666 BCA Blessed Hellride in system Dar'Or.

Your normal viewing program is abruptly interrupted from a live feed coming from out of the Dar'Or system, where officials speculate that a formal announcement is about to be made from the Chancellor of Baktoid Combat Automata. Many reporters can be seen talking amongst themselves as the camera pans across the room at the various people gathered for the announcement. Slowly the camera focuses upon the fore front of the gathered people to reveal the Chancellor making his way to a podium setup in front of the gathered audience.

"Greetings fellow beings of the galaxy. I come before you today to make Baktoid's first official statement to the galaxy and to announce our official opening. Though we have been opened for sometime, we have been hard pressed for time as we gather up our resources and have begun to develop this once desolate system. As some of you may know, Baktoid Combat Automata was formerly a branch of the Baktoid Combat Workshop. We are the constructers of the finest military grade droids available to the galaxy as our storied past has shown. In due time I will make available a listing of our droids as well as prices so that the various organizations and citizens of the galaxy will be able to order droids to supply their military and security forces. If anyone would like to further discuss any business with Baktoid, please contact me at my comlink: 161066024 (ICQ) or by holomail: Thank you everyone and have a pleasant day." said the Chancellor as he nodded his head and stepped down from the podium, quickly making his way out of the room, as your holoscreen reverts back to your normal programming already in progress.