Balavan Bobil

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Balavan Bobil
Balavan Bobil Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Qiraash[1]
Homeworld Dynona
Mother Queen Maret
Father King Gace
Spouse Ken Jiu
Children Nimue Pylos Atalanta Jiu
Born 20 to 25 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.6 meters
Coloring Flame-red hair
Fair skin
Eye Color Emerald green
Political Information
Affiliation Centrepoint Space Station
Positions Quartermaster (Rebel Alliance)
Leader (Centrepoint)
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance

Balavan Bobil, also known as Balavan Bobil-Jiu and Laro Gann, first appears in galactic archives circa Year 1 Day 196[2] and served as the Quartermaster of the Rebel Alliance.[3] She became the wife of Ken Jiu, and eventually rose to the position of leader of Centrepoint Space Station (CSS) circa Year 2.[2]


Early Years

Balavan was born Laro Gann to the King Gace and Queen Maret of the planet Dynona. She was the first of four sisters. When she was two years old, her grandmother Txike Aro Du had a vision that the Tobrecan would take over Dynona and rest of the star system. They would kill every man, woman and child because of their extreme hatred of other races. Fearing what Txike said was true, Gace and Maret evacuated the people of Dynona. Knowing the Tobrecan would hunt them down Gace and Maret separated their children. They gave Laro to Txike because they felt Laro had a great power.[2]

Txike renamed Laro Gann to Balavan Bobil and fled to the planet Tatooine to raise her. Balavan never knew anything about her parents or sisters. However, before Txike died, she was told about them.[2]

Rebel Alliance

When she was twenty years old, Balavan joined the Rebel Alliance's Seeker Army and married Ken Jiu. On Year 2 Day 49, Balavan quit the Rebel Alliance and was replaced as Quartermaster by Caelambulator.[3] Now alone, she headed toward Centrepoint Space Station (CSS). After a hard time in marriage she divorced Ken and gave birth to their daughter, Nimue Pylos Atalanta Jiu. At this time she reclaimed her first daughter, Saveage Ryence Wenhaver Dra, that she had given up two years earlier to Kenar Dra, the child's father.[2]

On Year 2 Day 77, Balavan Bobil became the new leader of Centrepoint Space Station.[2]

Centrepoint Space Station

When Pendo Koja and Khan announced their retirement as the leaders of Centrepoint Space Station, Ekul Rostar and Balavan Bobil assumed leadership of Centrepoint. Due to Balavan frequently being away from the station, Rostar became the defacto leader of Centrepoint. During this time Centrepoint purchased a lottery license from the Galactic Empire and began running their successful weekly raffles. Both Balavan and Rostar simultaneously resigned as leaders of CSS on Year 2 Day 113[2] for personal reasons. The leadership of Centrepoint thus passed to Togan Jano.[4]

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