Beta System cleansed

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Posted by Count Uebles on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the Imperial Star Destroyer I Nemesis

Transcript from the Imperial News:

A transmission is broadcasted galaxy wide. An image of a female reporter is quickly replaced by the image of the Venerable Dark Side Master, Lord Vodo Bonias.

He wears robes and cloak of a Dark Jedi, with the hood drawn back so that you can make out his face. You are able to recognize that he is aboard a Victory Class Star Destroyer. Behind him is a view port. You see a dozen Victory Class Star Destroyers, an Imperial Class Star Destroyer, all in formation around the Imperial flaggship, the Executor class Star Destroyer Sovereign. You also see hundereds of Tie Fighters, Bombers, Gunboats and other support fighter and capital class vessels busily speeding around the main body of the Imperial Armada.

As the camera pans around, you see what is left of a space station. The super structure is blackened from turbo laser and missile attack. As you watch shuttles and myriads of troopers in Zero-G armor speed away from it. You hear a voice starting a countdown, interspersed with another: "Grand Admiral Lodge to the Fleet, stay off the station, the security perimeter is one thousand kilometers."

When the countdown reaches zero, the screen is blanked out by a brilliant white flash for several seconds. As the glare dies away you see only a quickly dissipating cloud of radioactive dust dispersing into space. Libra station, the pride of the Falleen Federation is completely destroyed.

As the vantage of the camera changes again, you see what is left of Ul Yanin. Smoke billows from both hemispheres, every major city completely destroyed.

The camera switches to a field camera used by General Durand, Commander of the Imperial Army forces used to invade Ul Yanin earlier this day. You see thousands of Imperial Stormtrooper going from house to house, pulling survivors from their homes and executing them in the streets. As you watch these images, Dark Master Vodo's voice is dubbed into the recording. You also hear the sounds of the troopers blaster fire and the screams of the executed.**

[Vodo Bonias]:

"Greetings, citizens of the Empire and servants of the Dark Side. The images you are now viewing are the courtesy of the Imperial Military Forces.

As many of you are now aware, the former King of the Falleen Federation actively participated in an act of piracy against the peoples of the Empire. The former King stole an Imperial Class Star Destroyer from the prized Imperial Navy. He bought the services of a disgruntled Imperial Governor with delusions of grandeur. The news of this brazen and outrageous act against the Empire and the loyal servants of the Dark Side caused the anger inside us all to burn hot.

After countless hours of collaboration between a special selection of the Imperial High Command and Executives Officers within both branches of the military and the intelligence agencies, his Imperial Majesty decided it was important to retaliate against the King of the Falleen people. We brought our war to his symbolic stronghold, the Beta system. But when the Emperor came, the King was nowhere to be found. Instead, he informed the Princes of Falleen and his Nationalized CMG's that they would be the ones to defend his stronghold against the impending attack of the war machine we like to refer to as the Imperial Military Forces.

The "King" paid for the services of the Rebel Alliance, a known terrorist group that operates in complete disregard for galactic law. Three Jedi Masters were summoned to the system to advise and lead a segment of the defending forces. I found it completely ironic that the so-called defenders of peace were protecting the interests of an criminal and despot who was infamous throughout the galaxy.

The King of Falleen, a known gambler and hustling business man, stole property from a legitimate government, that initiated no hostilities toward him or his people; and who comes to the aid of this criminal? The Jedi came to the aid of this criminal. What does that make the Jedi? Their heritage and their legend as defenders of peace died in the Beta system today. Forever, will those hypocrites have their reputations tarnished. They no longer support a cause against tyranny and oppression. Instead, they engage and support those that engage in acts of piracy against government institutions. The Jedi involved in his situation tread on dangerous grounds. They walk the path of the Dark Side, and may soon become its servants forever.

The Emperor, myself and Darth Knyte devised a plan to infiltrate the stolen ISD Shadowstone after a disgruntled Prince within the Falleen Federation contacted ud to beg for our mercy upon his people. He told us that they had no chance of success against Empire and wanted to negotiate a truce between the Empire and the Falleen Federation, so that their citizens would be spared.

The Prince agreed that the execution of the King was in order. He allowed his own personal agenda to cloud his civic duty as a King to the people. He placed the lives of billions of green blooded people in jeopardy, because he wanted an Imperial Class Star Destroyer and felt that he should steal in order to acquire this prized possession.

Three Sith entered the ISD Shadowstone, subdued the crew, the droids defending the King and executed both the King and his lovely wife. The blade of a lightsaber caused their deaths to be instantaneous and Kuraines head was presented to our Emperor as the first step of punishment for the crimes against the Empire.

How I wish I was present so that I could slow down their deaths and initiate pain and suffering beyond their wildest imaginations.

The Falleen Federation, upon learning of the death of their King was given an ultimatum. They could comply with the terms of the negotiated surrender and spare the lives of billions of their citizens, or they could all perish at the hands of the Dark Side.

Their new leader, a diplomat with no prior decision making experience decided they would order the execution of their Prince aboard the space station Libra. They also attempted to manipulate the Emperor of our great Empire. They felt they could betray him into a false plan. We saw right through their plan from the very start. As we approached the system, their surrender turned out to be false words as we suspected. Their last remaining ship entered hyperspace and left the system, joining all the other cowards who fled and left their people defenseless.

The three Jedi aboard the station also fled like the cowards they always where. Is this how the Jedi are to defend truth, peace and justice through out the galaxy? By running away and leaving billions of citizens to die? Are these the Jedi that you trust to protect you when the time arises? It is laughable to think they would do anything more than use you as leverage in their political and economically motivated games. The Blood of Ul Yanin and Ulrike will stain their hands forever.

So, in compliance with our ultimatum, the Emperor ordered the death of 1.5 billion Falleen and foreign national citizens on the two planets surfaces. We sent down an Army Legion of approximately 50,000 troops, hundreds of Imperial Walkers and other assault vehicles. Tie Bomber entered the atmosphere and dropped high density payloads on military targets and defense infrastructure. The Star Destroyers in orbit over the planet bombarded the planet for 12 straight hours with rapid turbo laser fire and missile attacks. Simultaneously, the troopers on the planet went from door to door, dragging resisters out from their homes, executing them for the crimes of their King and their interim leaders. The blood shed of the citizens of the Falleen Federation could have been spared, had the King surrendered his system to us, had their leaders supported the valiant diplomatic efforts of their Princes and had their Jedi stayed to defend peace, truth and justice as their oath mandates. Instead, they fled like cowards and labeled their Princes traitors to the throne.

By the will of the Emperor, no trace of the civilisations on these two planets will be left. By today 20.00 Imperial Standard time, Executor Lodge received orders to perform a full Base Delta Zero maneuver over both planets. This means the total destruction of the planetary surface from orbit. The land will be smelted, the oceans and the atmosphere will be boiled away; the planets will be left barren and inhabitable for all times.

The Imperial Fleet can be now seen, moving through the cloud of dust and debris that once was the galaxies largest space station, approaching the planet Ul Yanin. Soon you see the Sovereign, firing the first salvo, aimed at the former capital. Hundereds of Turbolasers and Missle launchers spit bright death into the atmosphere, soon joined by thousands of others, as the other ships of the fleet join into this mercyless barrage.

How short sighted and selfish the leaders of the Falleen Federation have become. They may have escaped today, but they will not be able to run forever. Our next stop is Falleen Prime, and we will do the same thing to that planet, as we did to Ul Yanin and Ulrike today. The planets will no longer support life in any form. They are dead, like the 1.2 billion people that we purged from existence.

Natural selection. Only the strong survive. And allow me to warn you. I am very strong. As is our Emperor, our Sith and our Military.

May the Dark Side have mercy on them, for we won't.

The camera switches back to footage from the planets surface. Dead bodies scattered through the streets of the cities. Terrorized survivors stumble through the ruins that once where prospering cities when the first bolts of heavy Turbolaser fire hit. A series of tremendous explosions cover your view from horizon to horizon, shortly before they are replaced by static as the camdroids are destroyed by the blasts. The last images of Beta, a system now dead, a morgue, forever haunted by the memories of their corrupt and greedy leaders