Birth of the Lyran Union

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Dolomar, Balfron: The Independent Federated Dolomar Republic was born yesterday, officially forming the First Republic in the Union of Lyran Socialist Republics, or the Lyran Union. This comes after a period of long rule by the Twelve Colonies and The Galactic Empire. A Union wide holiday was declared, marking the ninth of May, as the official anniversary of the Birth of the Union, and its first Republic. Several hundred thousand loyalist citizens across the Dolomar sector marched the streets bearing the flags and banners of the Lyran Union and the Socialist Party of the Lyran Union. (SPLU) The Lyran Union was until now, a scattered group of idealists and fanatics clinging to socialist ideals, and the beliefs of Lyran Socialism (LYSOC)

In the Capital on Balfron, over eight hundred thousand people gathered in and around what is now being called “Victory Square” and bore witness to The Last Imperial Governor of Balfron and a contingent of Stormtroopers lowering the Imperial Standard from atop the capital building. The new heads of State, General Secretary, and Premier Alexander Fel, and Chairman Orphaea Imperium stood in military style uniforms, at attention saluting the flag as it was lowered. Replacing it, the red standard of the Lyran Union was raised by members of the Lyran Peoples Revolutionary Guard. The General Secretary then addressed those gathered.

"Today for the first time in the history of Dolomar, and the history of the LYSOC movement, we are unified, under a single banner, under a single party brought together under the jurisdiction of one constitution and one union which takes over responsibility for the welfare of more than 4 million men and women who inhabit it. We are eternally grateful for both the generosity and honor of the Galactic Empire which has given us its aid and blessing, as well as our independence."

The General Secretary and the Chairmen were then transported from Victory Square in military convoy through the city to the delight of those gathered along the transport lanes. Crowds were jubilant but restrained waving their banners and flags as the military convoy made its procession.

Yesterday also marked the onset and ratification of the Constitution of the Lyran Union, The formation of the Party Congress, and the Opening of the Presidium of Justice. The Lyran Union claims centralized democracy, peace, defense of the motherland, and justice of all, regardless of race age or sex as its driving force, all in accordance with the principles of LYSOC. The promised development and growth of all Lyran Territories within the Union has been given by the Party. Currently The Republic of Dolomar is comprised of the Balfron and Tangrene systems and all Planets within these sectors.

Posted by: Alexander Fel
Organization: Lyran Union Date: Year 8 Day 161
From the Conference Centre Lyran Union Headquarters in city Lyran Central on planet Balfron (61, 170) on Year 8 Day 160 9:33.