Black Market Re-opens. New Auctioneer Found. Kiffex declared out-of-bounds.

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Posted by Joseph Roscha on Year 5 Day 294

Onboard the Darkstar Battleship Dark Star at galactic position (-340, -80).

Cora Stevens broadcasting live from Sun Communications headquarters.

At a new conference earlier this week Black Sun declared that their Silent Auctions will be held yet again. The auctions were formally shut down earlier this year because of the incredible work load it put on the three public members of Black Sun -- Bodyguard Tara Tylger, Regent Joseph Roscha, and of course Princess Xya Howie herself. The Black Sun's solution was to seek a well-trusted middleman outside of Black Sun that almost everyone in the galaxy has traded with before. They ended up choosing Mrs. Asarya`katr von Ismay Chitose based on the suggestions from other prominent traders from all parts of the galaxy.

The first auction will be held on Day 303 (Sept. 30th, 9 pm EST) with a rain day on Day 304 on channel #BlackMarket. For further details on when the auction will be held please talk to Mrs. von Ismay Chitose at your first convenience as Black Sun has full faith in her abilities.

On the question of the validity of the sales held by a group such as themselves Regent Joseph Roscha was quoted in saying,

"Black Sun has been called various things throughout my years. I've heard it was a 'mafia', and I've heard it was a 'criminal empire', but in reality we are just a Family seeking to protect our brethren and our ventures in this galaxy. All trade through our auctions are final and legitimate."

The only other business that Regent Roscha wished to talk about was the heightened activity in space lines around Kiffex in the Jospro sector.