Black Stars

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The Black Stars
The Black Stars.png
General Information
Motto The Stars: the last people you'll ever meet.
Status Destroyed
Leader Imperator Fuikai Mutmai
2IC Imperatorem Derrik Thynite
Owner None
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 200
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Terrorism
Holosite N/A

The Black Stars was a terrorist group founded and destroyed in Year 12. With the almost complete eradication of the group, it disbanded shortly after it was created. They were known to carry out high profile murders, massacres and kidnappings, primarily focusing their operations against Spectral Services Unlimited (SSU), a group who attempted to completely destroy the Stars with the assistance of the Granse Confederacy. Their victims are believed to number in the hundreds, although only 26 victims are known.

On Year 12 Day 220, a death warrant was released for the leader of the band, Fuikai Mutmai, after he murdered 6 unarmed civilians, before escaping into deep space upon a Zeta-class Shuttle. He later returned to the system, and taunted numerous security personnel before escaping into hyperspace aboard a YT-2000. On Day 243, SSU and Granse Confederacy agents located the headquarters of the band and murdered all inside, including Fuikai Mutmai, leaving Derrik Thynite as the only surviving member of the group.

Six months later, Derrik re-emerged and 'captured' a fellow Stars member, Credence Malafar, and held him hostage for a ransom of 30 million credits, which was paid by Outland Mining Corporation. Following this, SSU released a death warrant on Thynite as well, and attempted to rescue Malafar and capture Thynite, however, they managed to escape into deep space, and returned to the system a short time later to hide upon a nearby planet. Eventually, Malafar was released, but committed suicide a short time later to avoid questioning.

Known Enemies

In their period of operation, the Stars have accumulated a number of enemies. They include:

  • The Granse Confederacy
  • Spectral Services Unlimited
  • Outland Mining Corporation
  • The Shizuka Family (Specifically Rikku Shizuka and Shuji Shizuka)

Known Members