Black Sun Announces ViskCor Laboratories Raid and Takeover

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Black Sun Announces ViskCor Laboratories Raid and Takeover
Posted by: Jeor Knight - Faction: Black Sun
Date: Year 17 Day 250 Onboard the Trading II Black Sun News Network Station in system Malicar (94, 402).

Hello and welcome to a special report from the Black Sun News Network. My name is Cynthia Kappa, bringing you the latest news. The Family Council has just released a report detailing their latest strike against Kathlen Stewart and her lackeys. Black Watch agents and Blades commandos stormed the headquarters of ViskCor Laboratories in a massive raid against the traitors, recovering stolen assets. Vigo of Shadows Banquo Knox reports that a sleeper agent aided Black Watch.


Stewart recruited Rayus Kestyn after her defection, however, his loyalties to Black Sun could not be bought and he provided Intel on the group’s activities for months. He provided evidence of the shell company established to both hide their stolen goods and to exploit a sponsorship agreement with the Corporate Sector Authority. Stewart suggested using her spot on the Direx Board and the recent prolonged absence of Gilbert Reed to gain as much territory and wealth from CSA as possible; however concrete plans have yet to materialize from the notoriously disorganized group.

When it became clear that Stewart was unable to maintain the loyalty of her pawns through lies and bribes, the Family Council decided to extract Rayus and devote Black Watch’s attention to more worthy targets. Due to the expertise of the Black Watch agents and Blades commandos, casualties were negligible on all sides and the entire operation successfully concluded in under 30 minutes. The Vigo of Defence, Christine Apotheosis, made a rare public appearance to commend the commandos for the efforts in the raid.


While many of the reports from this operation are still classified, we were able to get an exclusive statement after our very own Ariana Howitt met with Dark Prince Knight: “I am very proud of our forces today. Thanks to their efforts, we have been able to recover a lot of the assets stolen by Stewart and we took complete control of this criminal organization. Black Sun remains committed to maintaining law and order. I’d like to congratulate everyone involved on a very successful raid with minimal loss of life and property. Stewart is rapidly running out of people to trust; perhaps it is because of her rampant paranoia or her inept leadership. Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they can escape our justice. Treason begets retribution.”

This is Cynthia Kappa and that concludes our special report from the Black Sun News Network.