Black Sun Governance and Technology Expo

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Posted by: Kyran Caelius - Faction: Black Sun
Date: Year 19 Day 50 Onboard the Trading II [BSNN] Broadcast Polestar in system Malicar (94, 402).

Highlighting Black Sun's movement towards political legitimization, Black Sun held an intragovernmental assembly and exposition of lawmakers and law enforcement in Asation, from Y19 D46 to Y19 D49. The conference aimed to supply policy makers and members of law enforcement with insights into criminal psychology, in addition to providing the tools necessary for their application. Political analysts stated that the convention signified another major step towards making reparations for the government's criminal roots.


The first two days of the convention featured panels on crime prevention, criminal justice reform, and the protection of sentient rights, all under the general umbrella of combating organized crime. The panels were well attended, though some saw higher interest. Dr. Janeth Svung, a renown Veragi policy maker, spoke on the creation of legal frameworks which detailed concrete and enforceable criminal offenses, in addition to the adoption of core laws which constructed the basis of cooperation across planetary governments, with a particular focus on extradition laws. Jett Surik, DPA, lectured on various typologies of modern forms of slavery, discussing which populations are most vulnerable to exploitation, government policies and strategies which allow for sentient trafficking, and the protections necessary for policy interventions. The most popular panel was presented on the second day of the assembly: long-time Blade of the Prince Karesh Zarkot promoted the training and assistance needed for building, maintaining, and upgrading the necessary arms capacities of governmental authorities.

The final two days broke from discussion, and instead opened the convention floor to industry showcases. The first public demonstration of the Hover Tank B-1 took place at the assembly, allowing law enforcement to see the new internal gunner stations, turret movement, and battlefield arrays first hand. Also featured was a new, sleeker, Viper model, whose expansive redesign project reached its initial state of operation in late Year 17. Pilots of the original Viper model complained of rough takeoffs which disoriented them at crucial early moments of flight. Black Sun engineers found several small issues which caused the problem, and recommended several fixes, leading to the new more svelte Viper Mark II model. As with the Hover Tank B-1, this was the first public showing of the improved model.


Thousands of dedicated professionals from Black Sun and the planetary governments which they oversee attended. Additionally, representatives from the Tion Hegemony visited the assembly to see first hand the steps being taken by Black Sun to combat organized crime, presenting their own talk on regional governance. Manufacturers saw massive orders from planetary governments, while policy makers began the networking and brainstorming necessary to begin real legislative change. Of his home system, Dr Svung stated, "Multiple government officials in Revyia have reached out to me on how to implement the criminal justice reform I described in my talk. We will be taking the earliest possible opportunity to meet with additional lawmakers, policymakers, and administration in Veragi system to hammer out specific legislation."